Useful Tips for your Quince Day
Useful Tips for your Quince Day

Useful Tips for your Quince Day

With such an important and awaited celebration the overwhelming feelings are a must! Your special day is finally here and although you’ve been preparing for months now you’re on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Do not panic!

We’re here to help letting you know the things you must keep in mind to avoid stress get the best of you.

Follow these useful tips and enjoy your quinceañerato the max!

1.- Have a light breakfast and munch on healthy treats during the day, your hectic schedule plus the nervousness might make your stomach ache.

2.- Wear a button-down shirt for your hair and makeup session; this is the safest way to remove your garments without touching your face or damaging your hairdo.

3.- Take a pair of flip-flops to your pedicure appointment to wear them once you have to leave. Nail polish takes longer to dry sometimes and keeping your feet uncovered is best.

4.- Make someone carry your purse right after your manicureappointment. Be very careful where you place your hands and move freely once you are sure they are completely dry.

5.- Take an extra pair of comfortable shoes to wear if you happen to get sore feet. It is best to get these in advance and if they even match your quinceañera dress, it is ten times better!

6.- Try on everything you will wear for your quince at least two weeks prior, this included intimates, hosiery, shoes and accessories. This will give you an idea of what you will look like and gives you time to change something in your outfit.

7.- Allocate a specific time for pictures with your guests, this way you can still enjoy your party and have a photo with everyone as keepsake.

8.- Avoid forgetting your bouquets or your surprise dance outfit and leave everything you need ready in a box a day before and place it next to the door.

9.- Aside from the box, write everything down that has to be taken care of the actual day of your planning and marked down your Quinceañera To Do List as you go through it.

10.- Rehearse your speech in front of the mirror to become aware of any weird gestures or excessive hand movements. The more you prepare the less nervous you will be on your special day!

11.- Stay away from greasy foods at least a week prior to your party. You want your face to be picture perfect and free from any imperfections such as zits.

12.- Take your vitamins and stay hydrated. The planning may take a toll on your body keeping you having a pleasant time.

13.- Designate your sister or best friend as a party planner helper for her to look after any circumstances that may arise without worrying you about it.

14.- Do not worry about anything that is not under your control. If the solution is not up to you why worry? If there is something to do to solve an issue, do it and move on, get it?

The most important of these useful tips?

15.- Take a moment to be the star of the night: dance, eat, laugh, pose, the goal is to have fun!

Plan ahead and make the best of your special day quince girl!

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