5 Ways to ask your Crush to be your Chambelan
5 Ways to ask your Crush to be your Chambelan

5 Ways to ask your Crush to be your Chambelan

So we’ve already discussed the 5 traits a great Quince chambelan must have, but what if you know who you want as your main guy but are too scared to ask because dun dun duuunnn: you have a crush on him!


Take a look at these 5 ways to ask your crush to be your Quince chambelan and who knows, it might lead to more after your party….


  1. Who doesn’t love pizza?

Ask your crush by delivering a pizza to his house with “Chambelan?” written inside the box. Feeling creative? Try spelling it out with pepperoni, yummy!

  1. Spell It Out!

For that guy you like in your English class, create a word puzzle with the solution spelling out, “Will you be my Chambelan?”, if he can’t solve it he’s not sharp enough to be your main guy LOL!

  1. Send a Snapchat!

If you’re looking for a less awkward approach of popping the question, try sending him a funny Snapchat with a message asking him to be your Chambelan.

  1. Pop The Question!

This is my favorite. Tie a balloon to your crush’s locker and write “Pop me” on it. Inside will be your note asking him to be your Chambelan, remember that guys love girls who make the first move!

  1. Go Old School and Leave Him A Note

Slip a note in his locker with two boxes on it, asking if he wants to be your Chambelan. Make the box that says “yes” really big and the one that says “no” too small to fill out! LOL!

Well girls, until the next time, if you have something to ask me or want to me write about please fill out this form!And remember if you can dream it you can be it!



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