5 Ways to Avoid 'Dama' Drama
5 Ways to Avoid 'Dama' Drama

5 Ways to Avoid 'Dama' Drama

Choosing the most important chicas in your life to be part of your court is probably the best idea! But what happens when your BFF can’t afford the dress? Or one of your 'damas' is consistently missing dance practice? It would drive you insane! You already have enough stress on your plate, so you don’t need them to ruin your Quince!


Before you choose your court, read these tips to avoid any possible 'dama' drama!

1. Agree on a Budget for the Dress:

Of course you want your court to look flawless, but you also want to give them affordable options. Ask for their budget months in advance and come up with a comfortable price. If the majority can’t afford the dress you’ve chosen, then you may want to consider choosing another dress or having it customized. Remember, it’s your party so you make the choices! But if you really want your BFF to be part of your court, and she can’t afford the dress, be considerate and find an affordable alternative.

2. Commit your 'Damas' to the Dance Practice Schedule:

Before the first practice session, ask your damas if they have a prior commitment so you know when you can rely on their attendance. You know what makes your baile sorpresa a success? Practice! It’s super important for your 'damas' to show up so they’re ready for your Quince. Plus, you don’t want their chambelanes feeling left out when their partner doesn’t show up!

3. Avoid Couples:

If there are couples in your court, you’re only asking for drama! Not only because they may argue during practice, making it very awkward, but you run the risk of a break-up making things even worse. It would be terrible if you have to make changes to your court weeks prior to your Quince!

4. Consider their Body Types:

Tall & short, thin & curvy…every girl is different! So a dress style may look good on a certain body type but unappealing on another. For that reason, take your damas shopping and look for a design that flaunts all body types. If they agree on a dress, that’s one less dama drama off your list!

5. Don’t Choose 'Damas':

To avoid drama in the first place, don’t choose 'damas'! You don’t even have to choose chambelanes if you don’t want to. After all, your quinceañera is all about you! No one should steal your spotlight!

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