A Fitness Plan For Your Quince: The Bar Method
A Fitness Plan For Your Quince: The Bar Method

A Fitness Plan For Your Quince: The Bar Method

The latest fitness trend amongst celebrities is called “The Bar Method”, and in somewhat simple terms, it combines free-weight interval training with the muscle-shaping technique of isometrics and the conditioning and strengthening movements of ballet.

Sculpt muscle and shed fat without breaking a sweat? Sounds like a perfect plan for a Quinceañera looking for a fitness plan!

This non-impact, one-hour workout method targets all major muscle groups and improves posture. The result is a total body workout that builds and tones lean muscle and increases your heart rate, but doesn’t have the fast-paced intensity of an aerobic cardio workout.

Reshape Your Body
The Bar Method exercise program is said to elongate the muscles in your seat and thighs. After about 10 sessions, your legs will look longer, your abs will begin to pull themselves back under your rib cage, your shoulders, chest and arms will become lean and defined and your buttocks will begin to lift. It will also burn away fat during the challenging and sometimes intense workout. It won’t be long before you notice your intramuscular fat burning away and revealing a new smoother, narrower and more defined body.

Why is it becoming so popular?
The Bar Method focuses on effectiveness, safety, and body awareness. It was designed under the guidance of physical therapists to ensure joint safety. Its teachers receive unique training in healthy patterns of movement, body connection, mental focus, and posture. At the same time, The Bar Method emphasizes sculpting more than other bar workouts by targeting the muscles that play the largest role in changing the shape of the body.


Step by Step

The Bar Method is a one-hour, total body workout. It starts with a warm-up, free-weight exercises and push-ups and moves on to intense leg and back work at the bar, then abdominal work at the bar and on mats. Every exercise includes active stretching and is followed by additional stretching to elongate the muscles just worked.

The Bar method focuses on non-impact, deep muscle, very precise movements that almost anyone can do. Just beware, since these exercises are very precise you will quickly feel the burn especially in the exercises that are targeting the thighs, hips and buttocks. The movements may be small, but the numerous repetitions yield fast results.

At the gym or right at home
You can enroll in classes or take The Bar Method Body workout home on DVD. These videos are an excellent addition to any weight loss program exercises or routine you’re following. As you build endurance, you may want to repeat some of your favorite exercises to maximize results. You will do deep stretching after each set of exercises. This is important because it will help release the targeted muscle, build flexibility and elongate the muscle.


The Bar Method vs. Pilates workout
Pilates uses machines and mat work to re-align the core muscles by working the small muscles groups. The Bar Method uses the body’s own weight to isolate, strengthen, and sculpt all major muscle groups. Pilates' exercises are largely performed in a sitting or prone position, while the Bar Method’s exercises take place both at the ballet bar and on mats.

The Bar Method vs. Yoga

Yoga is a method of physical, mental, and spiritual release and renewal. The Bar Method focuses exclusively on fitness by strengthening, stretching, and aligning all major muscle groups resulting in power, physical grace, stamina, and significant body change.

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