Eating Fruit as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle
Eating Fruit as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating Fruit as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Even if your Quinceañera turns out to be an amazing experience, it can also be an overwhelming event that can wear you out.

For this reason, it is important to maintain ahealthy diet during this long process.

Fruit Choices

Three portions a day is enough to maintain a well-balanced dietwithout eating fruit excessively. Remember that anything excessive is bad for your health, so make sure to vary the types of fruit you eat to get all the needed vitamins and nutrients.

Here is a well-explained list of how to eat fruit during the day.

Eating fruit for breakfast:

Make sure to include a glass of orange or tangerine juice in your breakfast meal, or replace that coffee cup with pineapple juice. These fruits are rich in vitamin C.

At noon:

The best choice is a fruit cocktail. Replace that candy bar with a handful of grapes, since they are easy to eat, and you can carry them in your purse. They are rich in Vitamins A, B and C.

Eating fruit at night:

Grapefruit and mandarins are rich in Vitamins A and C. It is a good idea to begin your dinner with this type of fruit.

A few things you should know about the benefits of eating fruits.

• They can help eliminate toxins: fruits are made up of 90% water, which is why they can help keep your body hydrated.

• They contain fiber: they can also help regulate digestion and prevent health issues such as diabetes, obesity and bad cholesterol.

• They strengthen your immune system: they improve your body defenses.

• They do not make you fat. Did you know that fruits only contain 50 calories per 100 grams? Therefore, you should not be concerned.

• They maintain a healthy appetite: eating a fruit before any meal or when you feel hungry can decrease your appetite and help you digest meals. They improve your natural beauty.

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