Meet Fatima Nava, Orange County’s 2017 Cover Girl
Meet Fatima Nava, Orange County’s 2017 Cover Girl

Meet Fatima Nava, Orange County’s 2017 Cover Girl

Born in Fountain Valley, California, to Mexican parents, Fatima has been dancing ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz and hula since the age of three.

This cover girl loves to dance, plays the guitar, enjoys working out and is torn between which field to choose as a major…

Despite all these activities Fatima says she’s ready for her big Quinceañera, an event she’s been dreaming of since she was little.

“I’m very excited to have my dream Quinceañera in the city of Irvine on July 22nd. The exact date of my birthday was January 20, but I wanted to celebrate with my family from Mexico and traveling arrangements take a little longer, “said Nava, whose theme is “princess and flowers” inspired.

Get to know a little bit about Fatima and her aspirations in life!

What does this opportunity mean for you, representing Quinceanera.com on the cover of the magazine?

It’s amazing to represent as a strong Hispanic young lady with a bright future to look forward to. It also gives me an opportunity to let all the young ladies that are suffering from society’s looks towards woman figure, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Does it push your ambitions to be a model in the future?

I never really had modeling in mind because society had made me brainwashed into thinking only slim woman can do it but thanks to Quinceanera.com, I’ve realized that any body type is beautiful in this world for women and that we can be anything we want no matter the size and shape.A woman in a red dress on a Quinceanera magazine cover for a competition in Public Relations

When you’re not signing up for Cover Girl contests, how do you spend your days ?

My main hobbies are singing, dancing, and playing the guitar. I have been dancing ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, hula, and tumbling since I was three years old. I started singing in choir in 3rd grade and continue to passionately sing through the years learning new skills and methods of singing. I love all these hobbies but I am the most passionate about singing.

Tell us about your family background…

My mom that grew up in Uriangato Guanajuato, Mexico and my dad is from Mexico City. Without my parents in my life I wouldn’t be here and having a Quinceañera. My mom works day and night as a housewife caring for my 4 brothers and sisters.  She does so much for us, I love her to the moon and back! My father has worked so much to provide a house, food, and my dream quinceañera.

What do you want to be professionally in the future and why?

I ‘m debating over computer science engineering and marketing. I would like to work for companies like Apple or Facebook,  or have a career that would allow me to travel the world.

How do you feel about being Latina today and for future generations in the US? 

I feel very proud to be a Latina! Mexico has so many cultures and people, it brings people closer together.  I feel that being a Latina for future generations gives me an advantage to get to know plenty of other people and cultures.


Do you mind sharing with us a few details on your Quince party… 

I will be having a mass, decided to have chambelanes only, the menu includes  Gordon Blue chicken with pasta and salad and there will be a fruit bar. We will have a DJ  and mariachi, I will be having a waltz and a father daughter dance that I have been practicing every Saturday for the past month. My day is coming very soon and I can’t wait to feel loved and cared from the people I love the most and have supported me someway in my life.

Did you ever consider trading the party for a trip? What are the places you would like to visit, Europe, Asia, México?

Never! I always envisioned myself with my family having a great time with no worries and sadness. I also know that once I graduate college and have a steady job for a while I could afford to travel the world.

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

I see myself finishing college and getting a masters in either marketing or computer science engineering. Also I see myself getting involved with many charity causes.

What are your main concerns growing up? Bullying, gangs, etc.

My main concern is meeting the people that will make my life difficult and make me feel weak. But I know I am strong and can stand up for myself.

Is being the winner for the cover a life changing experience for you? Has it helped you in some type of way ?

Getting the chance to win for the cover has made me realize how much my friends and family care for me through voting for me.  The contest has made me a brighter and confident person realizing that I wasn’t doing this for just myself but to send a message to every girl out there who wants to make it happen but tends to doubt herself, YOU GOT THIS!

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