Easy Tips to Plan your Quinceañera Photography
Easy Tips to Plan your Quinceañera Photography

Easy Tips to Plan your Quinceañera Photography

Your quinceañera is a celebration you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’s important to wisely choose a professional who will manage your Quinceañera photography accordingly.

When planning, it is important to analyze your budget; if you have to choose, pick quality over quantity. You’ll have to decide between classic and digital photos in interior, exterior, black and white, sepia, poster size, and portraits, which is why you should seek professional advice.

The following tips will help you as you plan to hire both services and avoid any last minute problems:

Choose your photographer with time in advance 

Make a reservation for video and photography 6 to 8 months prior to your celebration. This way, you are prepared for any last minute unexpected incidents. Also, speak to your photographer and camera person various times before the event. Make sure they understand your idea of the whole quinceañera.

Plan the best moments of your celebration 

Plan with your photographer the desired type of photography, and the moments you want to film with your camera person.  Make a list of those you wish to include in your Quinceañera photography. The photos and video should be a true reflection of your personality.

Add effects to your pictures! 

If you like black and white or sepia photos, this is the time to have yours taken. Talk to your photographer to include one or more in your package. Designate a family member to gather those who will be photographed next to you.

For limited budgets… 

If you have a limited budget, hire a photographer and cameraperson only during the hours in which the most important events will occur, such as the religious ceremony (if you’ll have one), your presentation to the guests, the waltz dance, and the cake cutting. An alternative is to place disposable cameras in every table, which will substitute the photographer and save money.

Quinceañera photography on time! 

Make sure the hall is decorated on time and that the limousine will not come after the photographer and cameraperson.

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