Quinceañera Photography Tips
Quinceañera Photography Tips

Quinceañera Photography Tips

With the widely popular use of digital cameras, it is common for people to produce their own photography during special celebrations like a quinceañera. However, audiovisual editing is still an art requiring much knowledge and skill.

If you want to preserve the memories and magic of those special moments with an elegant touch then you may want to hire professional service for your quinceañera photography

Search for Photography Options

It’s important to consider different options, interview possible candidates, visit their studios, and view their portfolios and previous work. When comparing prices and quality of service as well as consulting former customers, keep in mind that a good photographer or video producer is valued for his work. Not only should he provide good framing or illumination, but a good photographer should also be polite, considerate of a customer’s needs, punctual, and finish the work on time.


Think About the Format of Your Photographs

Make sure to ask about the format and resolution of the work. If possible, request the original material (unedited videos or photos) along with the finished copies. Nowadays, it’s not worth paying for a video if the image is not high definition, which is superior high quality in any format. Don’t forget to ask your video producer about the type of microphones he or she will use if you are planning to record interviews. Video cameras with built-in microphones usually produce low quality sound.


Choose Your Photography Style

Visual image and concept are both important when producing pictures and videos. If you have something in mind that combines with your party’s theme or if you want your party to have a modern touch by reenacting your favorite TV series, make this clear to your producer. The magic work is “preproduction.”


Plan a Work Schedule for the Photography

Include the amount of time it will take to film a video or take pictures within your celebration’s general plan. Consider the time necessary to move the equipment and adjust the illumination. Prioritize the pictures and moments which must be included in the video. Follow the plan! Have someone you trust provide instructions to the hired personnel, escort them, answer questions, and assure the plan is being fulfilled for your event’s photography.


Demand a Contract with the Photographer

Even if it’s someone you know, ask for a signed contract. Real professionals have contract forms which specify the type of work and deadlines. If they ask for a down payment, request a receipt. Do not pay the full amount until you have received and

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