Surprise Dance Outfit Options for Different Genres
Surprise Dance Outfit Options for Different Genres

Surprise Dance Outfit Options for Different Genres

After choosing the types of genres you’ll be dancing to for your surprise dance, the next step is determining the outfits you’ll be rocking!

When you’re performing to more than two songs you may have to consider the following 2 options; will you be changing outfits or will you perform all your dances with the same outfit?

Once you have that situation covered, you’re ready to choose your surprise dance outfits!

Check out the different options according to the music genres:

Hip Hop

This style of dance requires some comfortable clothes you can move around in. Many of the moves made require plenty of sudden movement which is why loose clothing is highly recommended. You want to flow with every dance move to perform at your best. Sinceathleisure wear is still in style, you won’t have trouble finding outfits for you and your crew. Add an extra touch by throwing on a flannel or wrapping it on your waist.

Cumbia/ Bachata

Flaunt your dance moves when twirling in a flowy dress! Continue looking like the princess of the party by wearing a dress similar to your damas dresses.


No matter what you choose to wear, make sure it POPS just as much as the music genre! Think of Ariana Grande or Rihanna when they perform and how their outfits really do stand out!


When we think reggaeton, we think sexy diva, which is the look you should go for. Your best bet would be a cute 2 piece you can move around in while still looking flattering.

Rock n Roll

Want to take your guests back in time? Don’t just groove to rock n roll, style in it as well. Slip on your skater skirt and grab your red lipstick!

Huapango/ Zapateado/ Regional Mexican Genres

If you want to do a little different, change into another dress. You will want to get a dress you’ll be able to move around in. You wouldn’t want people stepping on your dress.

Jazz Music Vibes

Are you celebrating your Quince a little different by throwing it back in time? Perhaps celebrating with a Great Gatsby theme and dancing to Jazz will literally nail the whole thing! Dress in a stylish sequin dress like the following.

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