5 Reasons Why No Guy Ever Wants to Be a Chambelan
5 Reasons Why No Guy Ever Wants to Be a Chambelan

5 Reasons Why No Guy Ever Wants to Be a Chambelan

At this point you’re one of the two types of Quinceañeras:

You feel a sense of relief for finally snagging a guy to be your chambelan or you’re running out of options and are beginning to consider not having a chambelan at all!

Even if you’re Type A Quinceañera, let us tell you something, if your mom was responsible for getting you a chambelan, we would be a bit worried…

And if you’re type B.. oh well, your consideration might soon become a reality, don’t believe it?

Reality check: Most guys do not want to get chosen as a chambelan! Here’s why:

Guys are shy

Being a chambelan means standing next to the Quinceañera at all times, if not all, at least during the most important parts of the celebration which basically means all eyes will be on you. For a timid person this could be truly nerve-wracking!!!

He does not know you

If your mom was kind enough to ask her friend’s son to be your chambelan then it will be weird. Hold up! We guarantee you your mom ask her friend but neither have bothered to ask the boy in question whether he would like such an opportunity.

He does not like you

What if your tia volunteered your primo, who obviously knows you however does not like to hang out? Most times closer relatives are easy targets when it comes to chambelan duties.

He is over it!

 Yes, he is cute and he can dance and he has prior chambelan experience which is exactly the problem. By now, your guy is over Quince shenanigans and the whole ordeal he knows it takes to be chambelan.

He is being forced to do it

Remember reasons #2 & #3? Let’s pretend he is a decent human being who went along with his mom volunteering him and has let go of the fact that he does not know you at all. Sure he can try his best to be the chambelan of your dreams nonetheless you can tell there is something of which is the fact he is being forced to do something completely out of this comfort zone.


Now that you’ve read this, do you think you’ll have a chambelan?


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