Getting permission from your Quince court’s parents
Getting permission from your Quince court’s parents

Getting permission from your Quince court’s parents

One thing is to ask your friends if they WANT to be part of your Quinceañera court, another is to ask their parent’s if they CAN be part of it.

Since more than likely the parents will be responsible for taking your friends to your waltz and surprise dance rehearsals, as well as paying for the tux and shoes rental, its common courtesy to ask them for permission as well.

But before you do so, make sure to talk this over with your parents so they can accompany you when asking permission to have your friends be part of your Quinceañera court.

Go the extra mile to show manners and respect.

When approaching a parent, be prepared with all the information required to fully explain the importance and details of your Quinceañera. Since not all parents know what a Quinceañera celebration is, explain to them that it’s similar to a Sweet 16, debutante ball, or bar mitzvah, in the sense that it is a coming of age ceremony that symbolizes a step into young adulthood.

Take the first moments to also explain the importance of a  Quinceañera mass, which is what differentiates it from a regular birthday party. Give the parents the time, date, and location. And explain that the commitment requires that your friend be available the entire day.

Explain their role

You will more than likely need to have your court present during rehearsals for your Quinceañera waltz and surprise dance, as well as for any rehearsals for the mass, photo sessions and everything there is to know. Map out a list of dates and times, such as these, for which you will need your court present. This will allow the parent to take into consideration the amount of personal time they would need to allocate for your Quince should they decide to grant permission for your friend to take part of it.

Mention the expenses required

Be up front about the expenses required. Unless your parents will pick up the rental fee for your court, give parents as detailed of an explanation as possible in regards to how much the tuxedo and shoe rental will cost, deposits required, late return fees, etc.  Also, give them the dates on which your court needs to get fitted for the tuxedos and the date they need to pick and return their rental. Make sure that both parties understand who is responsible for any and all rental fees.

Extend an invitation

Most parents don’t feel comfortable allowing their children to spend their free time with people they don’t know. If this is the case with your friend’s parents, invite them to attend your rehearsals. This will give them the opportunity to meet your parents and feel more at ease with having your friend spend so much time on your Quince. If you wish, you can also invite your friend’s parents to your Quinceañera.

Lastly, thank your friend’s parents for taking the time to meet with you and be prepared to handle whatever answer they give you. If worst-case scenario and your friends don’t get permission to be part of your court, you can always invite them to the party and have them join the festivities as a guest. But regardless of the outcome, be proud of yourself for taking a mature and respectful approach to leading a very important conversation.

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