How to Decorate your Backyard Quince in 5 Easy Steps
How to Decorate your Backyard Quince in 5 Easy Steps

How to Decorate your Backyard Quince in 5 Easy Steps

You may think booking a traditional venue is the only option you have if you want an over-the-top Quince, but in reality, an outdoor celebration can be just as exciting and elegant! The trick is to use the space wisely! We tell you how to transform your backyard into the ultimate party paradise that’ll confuse your guests the moment they first step into your yard. They’ll quickly forget it’s a house party!

Turn your backyard Quince from blah to ba-ba-boom in 5 easy steps!

1. Start with the Setting

If you’re having your Quinceañera during the summer, an outdoor Quince under a lively tree is perfect! You can rent a party tent but make sure air is flowing through because your guests will be complaining with sweat. Trees are your best friends because you can take advantage and hang some decor. On a hot summer day, you can give your guests a folding fan with the date of your Quince and a pic as a party favor so they can use it during the event. They’ll be looking classy! If you are celebration is in the winter, renting a party tent is the best choice! As long as your guests have a roof over their heads, you won’t run the risk of getting them soaked with rain or freezing them to death!

2. Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Collages

Hanging chandeliers & lit pathways will surprise your guests!

The sun will be available to provide the lighting during the day, but you should plan ahead so you’re ready when nighttime falls. Place lighting where you know your guests will need it, such as on the dance floor. As a clever idea, hang some lanterns, pom-pom paper chandeliers or market lights on trees or over the dining area. You can also purchase candles or tea lights at your local discount store and place them on the tables so they stand out at night when they’re lit up. This will give your party a romantic feel!

3. Hanging Decor

Hanging Paper Flowers

Learn how to make these here!

Hang some DIY flowers on bushes or poles for added elegance. Grab a piece of garland, hang your adorable childhood photos, and tape it over the dessert table or at the entrance. As long as you have string and scissors. You’re able to hang pretty much anything!

4. Centerpieces


This centerpiece is perfect for an outdoor Quince because it has lights for the nighttime!

Your centerpieces are key to make your tables stand out. You don’t want them too high because you want your guests to easily have a conversation with the person across from them. You don’t want to go too low because you want them to be visible. Cute & simple with pops of color will do!

5. Chairs & Tables

Outdoor Dessert Table

A gorgeous dessert table!

Have a seat in luxury if you decorate your seats with feminine embellishments that match your Quince theme. If you use chair covers, your guests will never know they’re sitting on regular plastic, white chairs. Don’t forget about the dessert table! Besides your personalized cake, include chocolate covered strawberries that you could easily make, your favorite chocolate, cake pops, and chopped fruit. If you want something fancier, rent a chocolate fountain. Instead of soda bottles spread out on the tables, beverage dispensers make a huge difference! You can purchase one for water and add a few slices of lemon or whole strawberries to make it look fancier, and another one for the soft drink of your choice. Remember, let’s say you’re having an under the sea themed Quince, the table cloth can have seashells, mermaids, and fishes, but your napkins should be a neutral color so it’s easy on the eyes.


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