Tacky Quinceañera Themes You’ll Want to Avoid
Tacky Quinceañera Themes You’ll Want to Avoid

Tacky Quinceañera Themes You’ll Want to Avoid

Have you ever had the perfect vision in your head of what your Quinceañera theme could be then when you actually see it in person, it doesn’t quite look as expected?

Well you don’t want that happening ever and specially the day of your Quinceañera.

The first thing that stands out at your venue (besides the gorgeous Quinceañera, of course) is the decoration you choose for your theme.

So making sure to pick your color scheme accordingly to avoid any mismatched combinations or weird patterns is key to having an elegant celebration.

The last thing you want is to have a tacky Quinceañera theme that you’ll end up hating and that will be all over social media and not exactly for the right reasons.

Just to have a better visual of what we mean, here are a few of the tacky themes that seemed to be somewhat liked by a few party planners:

Animal Print Quinceañera 

Don’t show up looking like a stampede ran you over! Whether it’s cheetah, zebra, or leopard print… stay away. Less is always more 😉

A Hello Kitty Inspired Quince

Leave your favorite animated character for Cincoaneras, having a Hello Kitty theme can make it seem like any other typical kid party.

A Colorful Rainbow XV

Rather than looking like a marvelous unicorn, you can actually turn into a clown…

Cool Disco Ball Quince Celebration

Tamatoa, a couple of dinosaurs standing on top of a stage at a Quinceanera

Glitter is cool, just be careful how you use it.

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