Dad’s Ideal Outfit for your Quince
Dad’s Ideal Outfit for your Quince

Dad’s Ideal Outfit for your Quince

With these easy tips, you’ll find your dad’s ideal outfit for your special day right away.

When choosing his ideal outfit from a variety of cool tuxedos, consider your dad’s taste and style . The most important thing is choosing a suit that will make him look and feel great. Disregarding what’s trending in fabric, patterns or colors, suits can be classified in three groups. These groups take into consideration different leg lengths, arm width as well as the number of buttons. Next, the most popular men’s suits:

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  • Straight cut two buttons suit

This is the most popular style worn for an everyday look. Sports jackets and dressy coats are characterized by this particular cut. This suit is distinguished by having longer and peak lapels, leaving more space highlighting the tie. It can be worn all buttoned down or by buttoning only the first button, leaving the last one hanging, but never the other way around. This could be the perfect dad’s ideal outfit!

  • Three buttons suit

By far the most elegant choice when it comes to suits. It is well-balanced, with shorter lapels, and is usually worn with a vest. Although this depends on the trends and his choice, he will look amazing!

  • Double breasted suite

Characterized by its two rows of buttons, it is not the most popular nowadays, but it is still among England’s favorites. It has always been considered elegant and is usually worn all buttoned down or left undone. There are also crossed with two rows of three buttons each.

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The color of the suit

Once you have selected the perfect style for your dad’s ideal outfit, then you must choose the color that best suits him. Among the favorite colors are black, royal blue and gray.

However, there are other details to consider, such as if you’ll celebrate your quince during the day or night. For daytime celebrations, colors like beige, ocher or light blue are the best option. For nighttime celebrations, it is best to go for darker tones in order to get your dad’s ideal outfit.

Make sure you look for the best suit options for your chambelanes as well.

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