Dressing the Chambelan
Dressing the Chambelan

Dressing the Chambelan

When it comes to the role of the chambelán, it’s quite clear that they too will share in some of the spotlight. In church as the quinceañeras escort, during the photos as her partner and during the reception and waltz as her counterpart, the chamberlain represents the quinceañeras first escort as a young woman. With so much responsibility at hand, it only makes sense to have the chamberlain looking as sharp as possible. And with many options as to what style of suit or tuxedo to dress the chamberlain in, it might be of service to break down the categories according to his, or your, personal style.

Traditional and Classic Tuxedos

The classic chambelan tuxedo never goes out of style. In crispy white (or black) and paired up with accessories to match the quinceañeras decor palette, this 6-piece ensemble is the full throttle of suits because it incorporates every single piece a suit can possibly entail. A tuxedo, vest, cummerbund, tie, handkerchief and undershirt are the basic elements to this traditional look. But if the 6-piece ensemble isn’t enough for you, you can top off the chambelan outfit with a matching hat or scarf, like in this image.

Pieces needed: white (or black) tuxedo, vest, cummerbund, tie, handkerchief and undershirt.


A Punk Quince

If a hard-core edge is the look you want to go for, or the lifestyle you identify with, a rocker look may be your best bet. A crisp black suit or tuxedo with a skinny black tie is the perfect ensemble for a rocked out chamberlain. Along with the skinny tie, fitted trousers, a fitted undershirt and a fitted jacket are key to making this outfit modern and edgy. For fun, you can wear cool loafers or sneakers for an even edgier touch.


Pieces needed: skinny trousers, fitted jacket, skinny tie, fitted under shirt.

A+ Preppy Fashion

This indie-inspired look works to dress the preppy chamberlain. In a pastel or neutral colored suit, a colorful bow tie and patterned cummerbund, you can dress your chamberlain with that preppines in mind. Although this outfit is topped off with casual sneakers, you can dress up the ensemble by adding shiny dress shoes and a putting a fancy handkerchief in the handkerchief pocket.


Pieces needed: pastel colored suit, colorful bowtie, patterned cummerbund, colorful handkerchief.


Casual Edge

From head to toe, the casual and edgy chambelan dresses sharp without too much hassle. With roomy trousers, a cotton vest, a long sleeve collared shirt and bow tie to match, this 1920’s and modern mix of styles and edge is an option for less traditional chamberlain ensembles. For an added touch of fashion forward sense, a fedora in hues that match the rest of the ensemble can easily be added to this outfit. In addition, the classic lace-up Dean shoes best known as zoot suit shoes can also be worn to complete this swagger style.


Pieces needed:  trousers, cotton vest, bowtie, colorful bowtie, fedora, lace-up Dean shoes.


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