Johana Hernandez is the cool girl on the block
Johana Hernandez is the cool girl on the block

Johana Hernandez is the cool girl on the block

Johana Hernandez

Johana Hernandez (right) poses with her muse, Adriana Torres (left), Semifinalist for Quinceanera.com Magazine’s 2013 Los Angeles Cover Girl Contest.

Latina designer Johana Hernandez is a force to be reckoned with. Her collection, GLAUDI, is just as fierce.


Johana Hernandez is the latest designer bringing fashion to the average girl. Since 2010, the Salvadoran American has been taking a shot at creating a fashion line that speaks to the modern woman. Under the label GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez, the young entrepreneur aims to create fashionable finds for women of all shapes and sizes, combining rebellion and sweet sophistication.

Most recently and under the guidance of designer Nicole Richie, Johana Hernandez showcased her rock-influenced style and aesthetic as cast member of NBC’s “Fashion Star”. It was that same talent that landed her the NBC what allowed her to be a force behind major brands such as Bebina Jeans and SEVEN7 Jeans. Here, Johana Hernandez shares how her participation in the reality show gave birth to a new side of GLAUDI and how her Quinceañera clientele is made up of young, cool girls that are destined to make a statement.

Johana Hernandez

What type of woman do you design for?
Definitely successful, modern woman that dress the part of their success. I design for the woman that wants to be noticed and is confident in her own unique style.

What do you think has been a key factor to your young success?
I think that as an emerging designer you need to be willing to stand out and be different, and be confident in your choices. Luckily I’ve always been a young, successful Latina whether it was as head designer for various brands or with my own line, GLAUDI, so that’s definitely helped me.

What did you take from being on “Fashion Star”?
GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez was always a couture collection and something I made to be artistic. While on the show I had to create ready to wear designs and with those challenges I learned that GLAUDI could really be anything. It can be couture or ready to wear and still be inspired by that confidant, modern woman. I learned that my line is more than just for red carpets, and that it can follow my client’s varying lifestyle.

For young girls wanting to be a designer, what are some of the not-so glitzy aspects of the industry?
You’re constantly on deadlines and moving around all the time. You have to be able to multitask and dress cute but comfortable at the same time. It also takes a lot of work. Many times I go to sleep at 6 a.m. working on my collection plus other projects. But you have to learn to enjoy the crazy, behind the scenes part just as much as the glitzy stuff.

What are some of the celebrities you’ve designed for recently?
Paulina Rubio hired me to dress her when she was promoting her “Brava” album and currently Gloria Trevi commissioned me to do the wardrobe for the latest tour. They found me through my website and from other celebrities I’ve dressed.

What do you think draws them and your other clients to your work?
They’re modern Latinas that want to be different and stand out, and GLAUDI definitely offers that. My Quinceañera clients are the same: confident, daring, and different. They’re not the type of girls that want a poofy dress. My Quince clients ask for feminine evening gowns that play-up that wow-factor.

Johana Hernandez

Describe your ideal Quince dress.
My version of a modern Quince princess is dressed in an elegant gown rather than a poofy design. The dress is elegant, feminine, flowy, and modern. I also like long, long tails and flowy fabric as well as beautiful cuts.

Describe your ideal Quinceañera.
My ideal Quince girl is that girl that represents the young version of GLAUDI. She’s that girl that other girls want to be like. She’s young, confident, and girly. She’s also cool and edgy, just like GLAUDI.

What are some evening gown trends that girls may want to consider picking up this season?
Definitely white, but they have to be careful with it so they don’t end up looking like brides. Also, sequence, sheer, and colors like mint, coral, and pastel are very hot and great for Quince girls.


For a consultation with Johana Hernandez, visit her website www.glaudicollection.com.



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