What to Take to Your Quince Dress Fitting
What to Take to Your Quince Dress Fitting

What to Take to Your Quince Dress Fitting

With all the stress of your quince planning, you may find yourself forgetting an important detail here and there.

Quinceanera essentials: Quinceañera dresses and a poster with a woman in a dress on it

When it comes to your first, second, third and final quince dress fitting, you can’t risk overlooking any of the essentials.

Here to make sure you don’t forget the basics, Quinceanera.com presents a list of items that you must take with you when visiting your seamstress, and the reasons why leaving home without them might set you up for less than perfect quince gown alterations.

Don’t forget your shoes!

A woman in a blue Quinceañera gown holding a bowl.

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You obviously wouldn’t show up to your dress fitting barefoot (or would you?), so by shoes we mean the shoes that you will wear the day of your quince. Whether you’ll be sporting classy flats or chic stilettos, it’s important for your seamstress to know what length to tailor your dress skirt to. Don’t take the risk of simply standing on your tippy-toes, hoping that your heels will reach the same height. For such an important day like your quinceañera, you should not even finger the chances!

Your best kept secrets.

A woman wearing a black active undergarment dress, consisting of black shorts and a bra top, perfect for a Quinceanera celebration

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If your gown requires that you wear a girdle, or if you simply plan on wearing one under your quince gown, make sure you take the undergarment to your dress appointment. Most importantly, make sure that the girdle you take with you will be the exact girdle that you will be wearing under your quince gown. The way a girdle molds varies from style and body, so in order to make sure that your gown is tailored to perfection, it’s important that you take with you the exact same girdle that you will be wearing that night. Before purchasing a girdle, consider which style and cut will be the most flattering for your type of quince gown. If you’re in need of guidance in this department, have your seamstress recommend a style that will be both flattering and comfortable for you.

Your pose!

A woman in a blue Quinceanera gown standing next to a pink chair


Your dress fitting may be an important day in the life of your parents or guardians, since it will be the first time they see you transform into a young lady. To share with you this special occasion, you may want to have your parents/guardians, siblings and closest friends with you. Although your seamstress may be shocked by the size of your entourage, she’s sure to understand the importance of moral support.

Finishing touches

Quinceanera gown, a woman sitting on a chair holding a tiara


Instead of trying to visualize what you’ll look like the day of your quince, take all of your accessories, shoes and tiara to your final dress fitting so that you can see for yourself what awaits you on your special day. If for some reason you feel any of your accent pieces aren’t meshing with your desired look, you’ll still have time to shop around for pieces that may best suit your fancy. Also, if you plan on wearing an undo on the day of your celebration, make sure to take your hair pinned up in order for you to get the big picture. Staring at yourself completely dressed in your quince ensemble will definitely be an emotional moment for you… this is where your posse comes in!

BTW, don’t forget the tissue or the hankies. You and your posse are definitely going to need them!


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