5 tips to plan your Quince photography.
5 tips to plan your Quince photography.

5 tips to plan your Quince photography.

Your Quinceañera celebration is a day you will always remember. For this reason, it is important to carefully choose the professional who will take care of both your photo album and capture the best images of the event in a video.

When planning, it is essential to consider your budget, but if you have to prioritize, quality should prevail over quantity. Classic photos, digital, indoor, outdoor, in black and white, sepia, poster size, picture frames... these will be some of the decisions you will have to make, and professional guidance can be crucial.

The following tips will help you hire the right photographer and videographer, avoiding last-minute issues:

Book in advance

Book photography and video services six to eight months before your celebration. Also, talk to your photographer and videographer several times before the event. Make sure they understand the idea you have for the celebration and make a list of the people you want to include in the photos.

Type of Quinceañera photography

Plan with your photographer the type of photography you want to be a true reflection of your personality, and with the videographer, the moments you want to be recorded. Designate a family member to gather the people who will be photographed with you.

Play with photography

If you like black and white or sepia photos, this is the perfect time to have them taken. Talk to your photographer to include one or several in the package they will deliver to you.

Limited budget

If you don't have a large budget, hire the photographer and videographer for the hours when the most important events will happen, such as the church ceremony (if you're having one), your presentation to the guests, the waltz, and the cake cutting. Finally, another possibility is to place disposable cameras on each table; this way, you'll compensate for the absence of the photographer, and your Quinceañera photography will be perfect.

Photos on time!

Make sure the venue will be set up on time and that the limousine won't arrive after the photographer and videographer.

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