Amazing Quinceañera Videography Trends
Amazing Quinceañera Videography Trends

Amazing Quinceañera Videography Trends

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera photography. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Photography. It's your go-to resource for everything photo and video related!

The digital world is expanding and videographers are using this to their advantage for Quince girls.

Now, times have changed and the video clips of Quinceañeras are really something to talk about!

Look at the different ways you can transform your Quince videos into an extraordinary film:

Quinceañera Trailer

Everyone know what a movie trailer consists of, right? How about creating a “movie trailer” of your own quinceañera! Just like a Hollywood movie trailer, build up your guests’ anticipation for either the complete video of your quince or the digital photos!

Journalistic or “Documentary” approach

Just like the documentaries we’ve seen about history, or how your favorite pop artist became famous, this journalistic approach to your Quince’s video will consist of just that. The dramatic music, still pictures, short videos, and one-on-one interviews!


Every photographer’s gift from technology, are drones. If you aren’t familiar with drones, think of them as a mini helicopter with amazing stability that carries a small camera or a GoPro, handled by the photographer. These areal gadgets will get aerial angles that no photographer or human can!

Capturing non-traditional moments too!

We all adore those beautiful traditional moments of the father and daughter dance, your entrance, the changing of shoes, etc. But what about those other super fun moments too?! Your friends, the dancing, the food, getting ready, the parents, everything else that draws a smile on everyone’s face when watching it.



Like the beginning and the telling of a fairytale, you too are a princess whose story you must tell. Have your photographer begin with an animation of a fairytale book opening into the magical story of your Quince.

Quinceañera Bloopers

For those Quinceañeras and their families that have a great sense of humor, why not showcase all the funny parts and #fails of the process when organizing your quinceañera and the beautiful result that came out of it?!

Which is your favorite video style?

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