We Tell You How to Save on Your Quinceañera Photos
We Tell You How to Save on Your Quinceañera Photos

We Tell You How to Save on Your Quinceañera Photos

Even though social media keeps us informed with friends posting every moment at every party, you definitely need super professional Quinceañera photos.

It doesn't matter if your party will be small and your budget is limited, nowadays most photographers adapt to any budget since the total price depends on what your package includes.

Zootopia sloth DMV gif - A Quinceanera themed image featuring a sloth from the movie Zootopia at the DMV

The following tips will be very useful to save on your Quinceañera photos:

  • Since several packages include printed and digital photos, our advice would be to order everything digitally and only print your favorites.
  • For the same reason, photographers offer you a better price for printing to avoid losing money. In this case, check the cost according to the photo size.
  • If you want video, prepare to pay at least $400 more. The video before your Quince is the least expensive.
  • The number of sessions also determines the price. The typical ones are: the video before your Quince, the video of when you get ready, the ceremony, and the party.
  • Consider the hours you expect the photographer to follow you, and the longer they wait (if you change dresses), the more expensive the final payment will be.
  • Interview at least four photographers to compare prices and packages. Make the final decision by checking Yelp.com or FourSquare for other clients' opinions.
  • Look for discounts online or in magazines like El Clasificado or EC Classifieds.
  • The average cost varies by state, but most packages start at $400 and can go beyond $3,000 or even $12,000.

Quinceañera photos are expensive, but we're sure you'll find something that fits your budget. If you're having trouble gathering the money, the following activities will help you save money for your Quince.

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