The best checklist for your photos and videos. Make sure you don't miss anything!
The best checklist for your photos and videos. Make sure you don't miss anything!

The best checklist for your photos and videos. Make sure you don't miss anything!

The unfortunate thing about your Quinceañera party is that after a year of planning, everything ends, well, in one day. But luckily for you, an excellent Quinceañera photographer will capture the best moments of your celebration, instantly transporting you to that scene and reliving that precise moment. You will be filled with happiness!

For that reason, preparing the photography of your Quinceañera party has to be a priority. Luckily for you, we are here to help you make your celebration memorable! Get ready for that big day with a checklist of photos and videos of all the shots you can't miss. From the proper choice of photographer, to the most comprehensive list of important images that must be captured for you and your family. Everything is here!

Quinceañera Photography | Prep shots

  • While you get your hair and makeup done
  • Family and bridesmaids attending the Quinceañera
  • Images of accessories (tiaras or jewelry)
  • Attending the ceremony 

Quinceañera religious ceremony

  • The Quinceañera entering the church escorted by her parents
  • Chamberlain, godparents, court of honor
  • Parents seated
  • Photos of the guests
  • Photos from various angles (frontal / side / Quinceañera from behind)
  • Flower bouquet, bible, rosary
  • Quinceañera and chamberlain walking down the church aisle

Quinceañera event venue

  • The exterior of the Quinceañera salon (empty)
  • The exterior of the venue (guests arriving)
  • The interior of the salon (empty)
  • The interior of the salon (guests arriving)
  • The Quinceañera's arrival at the venue
  • The Quinceañera's arrival in a limousine
  • Quinceañera and court of honor

Party and reception

  • Entrance of the family
  • Entrance of the Quinceañera
  • Quinceañera with parents
  • Quinceañera with siblings
  • Quinceañera with the whole family
  • Photos of the Quinceañera with her court of honor
  • Start of the event
  • Traditional shoe ceremony
  • Coronation ceremony
  • Photos of the centerpieces
  • Main table
  • Panoramic shot of the venue
  • Cocktail hour
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Surprise dance
  • The Quinceañera with friends
  • Special announcements
  • Cutting of the cake

Photo and video TIP:

Add as many shots as you want to your photos and videos and provide this list to the photographer. Designate a close family member to ensure that they capture every important moment of the event. Between hair and makeup, the surprise dance, the father and daughter dance, cake cutting, and everything that involves a Quinceañera party, you will be very busy celebrating your party.

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