Tricks to pose and look beautiful in your Quinceañera photos
Tricks to pose and look beautiful in your Quinceañera photos

Tricks to pose and look beautiful in your Quinceañera photos

Even after so many seasons of America's Next Top Model, we have no idea how to pose. If we knew, we wouldn't have to take 32548 selfies to choose our favorite.

Forget about your driver's license; if there's a moment when you need to take perfect photos, it's during your Quinceañera. These photos will be the only physical memory of what your party will be like, and many of your friends will see those photos over and over again.

Apply the following tips and we guarantee your Quinceañera photos will look like they're for a magazine.

Always put your right leg forward

This pose is perfect for your welcome photos, where Quinceañeras usually wear their everyday clothes or a short dress. By placing your right leg forward and bending your knee, your body instantly elongates, making you look taller and slimmer.

Check your hairstyle and makeup

HD makeup can be counterproductive. Make sure the concealer doesn't leave visible white marks at the moment of the photo and that your hair complements your neckline, the shape of your face, the hairstyle, and even the background where they photograph you.

Smile with your eyes, or as Tyra says, "Smize"

A nature Quinceañera, a woman in a pink dress sitting in front of a fountain

We all have one eye smaller than the other. To avoid highlighting this feature and look like a model, squint your eyes as if you were reading the tiniest letters in a contract. Do it with class, don't completely close them or scrunch your face.

Be natural

A woman wearing a Quinceañera gown sitting on the steps of a church.

Don't smile without enthusiasm; it shows, believe us. If there are poses in which you don't feel comfortable, let your photographer know; otherwise, you'll appear stiff, unenthusiastic, and even fake, and no one wants that.

Don't stand too close or directly facing the camera

Quinceanera photograph of a woman in a pink dress standing in a courtyard wearing a Quinceanera Dress

Avoid looking like SpongeBob's twin and stand at an angle in front of the camera. Show just a bit of your profile to showcase your beautiful Quinceañera dress.

Stand on tiptoes

A Quinceanera dancer in a yellow and blue dress gracefully performing ballet

Even if you decide to hide your bare feet under your dress to avoid tripping on the day of your photos, we recommend standing on tiptoes. It's proven that high heels or standing on tiptoes not only stylize the figure but also make the person being photographed feel more secure when posing.

Place your hands on your waist or hips

Quinceanera gown: A woman in a blue dress holding a soccer ball.

This creates the illusion of a smaller waist and a longer, slimmer arm. Decide whether it'll be both hands or one hand on your hip or fingers embracing your waist.

Lift your chin

The secret to hiding a double chin is placing your tongue behind your upper teeth to keep your neck straight and be the envy of any giraffe, haha!

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