10 Ways Quinceañera Damas Can Help a Quinceañera
10 Ways Quinceañera Damas Can Help a Quinceañera

10 Ways Quinceañera Damas Can Help a Quinceañera

After weeks of consideration, the birthday girl in question chose you to be part of her Quinceañera damas court for a reason.


Why not thank her by acting like a true maid of honor?

1) Coordinate Meetups

Be responsible for texting all members of your Quinceañera court reminders of date and time for rehearsals, dress fittings and what not.

2) Be a friend

Remember to ask how everything is going and if she needs help with any other tasks left unattended due to Quince planning.

3) Help during the planning

Volunteer your time for any DIY centerpieces or setting up decorations.

4) Proofread the toast

Not for grammar but for flow and to confirm she did not miss mentioning anyone.

5) Transfer flower decor from the church to the reception

Tell her you’ll gladly pick up all the flowers from church while her Quinceañera mass photo session.


6) Carry makeup for retouch

Have mascara, lip gloss and mirror in hand at all times.

7) Look after the dress

Be on the lookout for any distracted guests who might step on it while leaving church, during pictures or at the dance floor.

8) Escort Grandma

Help her not to worry by looking after her loving abuelita. Check on her if she’s hungry, thirsty or needs help hitting the dance floor or even the restroom.

9) Tell Her Jokes to Dissipate the Nerves

Be her cheerleader and make her feel confident and pretty at all times.

10) Collect the Disposable Cameras from Each Table

If the Quinceañera decided to have one of the these fabulous Quince additions, make yourself responsible for picking them up at the end of the reception.

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