Don’t Want a Boring XV? 5 Things to Add to Your Fiesta, Fun is guaranteed!

Grecia Hernandez

The size of your party little has to do with it being a memorable fiesta and your guests having a blast!

No matter what your Quince budget is or where you will celebrate your Quinceanera, the next ideas are guaranteed to have your friends and family talking about your party, months after it ends.

Take a look, add your favorite ones and say NO to a Boring XV! 

1) Get a photo booth or place 1 disposable camera per table

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A photo booth is a great addition to any party! Now if your budget does not allow for it, consider buying disposable cameras and place one per table. Then, invite your guests to play an “I Spy” game. You will get great pictures and they will have a blast!

2) Put everyone to dance with your baile sorpresa

Check out Angelina’s Soto surprise dance video! This is a fantastic way to invite the typical shy guests who’ll later turn into dancing machines LOL

3) Include funny family pictures on your XV Slide show

Sure the party is about you but adding some special and funny moments with your peeps will make them feel special and will crack up a few laughs!

4) Have a game for your guests


Put their dancing skills to the test with musical chairs!

1 hour into the dancing have the DJ or your padrino ask your guests to look for a prize under their chairs, it could be a $10 visa gift card you hide before the reception takes place or you could kid them and after they look with no luck have a dancing competition and then give them a prize. Nothing expensive, think practical things that can work for everyone.

5) Do 1 Hour of Karaoke

This could very well be part of your competition! Have some of your guests sing to win a prize or do a karaoke interlude between the dinner and your surprise dance.

Those who are not into dancing, they’ll have fun either singing, taking pictures or laughing at your slide show!


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