Why hire an event coordinator?
Why hire an event coordinator?

Why hire an event coordinator?

In order for everything to turn out well on this special  day, the planning and celebration of a quinceañera  requires much of your time as well as that of your  family. To avoid stress, it is best to hire an event  coordinator.

event coordinator

But what do these professionals do? An event  coordinator is an experienced professional who can help you organize and plan your XV and make your celebration a unique and memorable one. Their level of involvement in your party will depend mainly on your budget; you can decide if he/she will organize every detail or only the key aspects.

Before making a decision

Consult more than one person and ask friends and family for recommendations. Find out how much these services will cost. Those who plan and coordinate your celebration can charge by the hour, or charge a percentage of the overall cost of the party.

We advise that you begin searching for a coordinator nine months prior to your party and be prepared to answer the following questions: what is your quinceañera budget, how many guests will you have, where will the celebration take place, date, type of food you will serve, and most importantly the coordinator’s service, responsibilities and payment method.

Services provided by a coordinator

  • Assists in finding a place to celebrate your quinceañera
  • Schedules appointments with professionals and providers who will participate and accompany you during the event
  • Accompanies you to try on your dress.
  • Attends your photo sessions and rehearsals
  • Helps you plan theQuinceañera menu
  • Helps you select the music and coordinates the choreography
  • Helps you hire a florist and decorate the church and hall
  • Administers your budget, revises and negotiates contracts with professionals and providers
  • Solves any unexpected problem that occurs during the party

Although you may think it is an additional expense, consider that the event coordinator will help find the best service at the best possible cost and will handle every detail so you and your family can enjoy this “special day”.


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