Donut Walls are the Latest Quinceañera Craze
Donut Walls are the Latest Quinceañera Craze

Donut Walls are the Latest Quinceañera Craze

Are you obsessed with donuts? Looking for an affordable alternative to candy buffets?

Quinceañeras have been turning their attention away from candy buffets to more creative ideas like donut walls – and we’re loving it!


The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your own!

From superhero inspired donut walls to donuts spelling out the word “yum”, we can’t wait to show you our favorite ideas for your quinceañera!

Customize with your quinceañera colors & theme

Whether you’re having a superhero or an enchanted forest theme, you can easily play around with the shapes and designs of your donuts to match any theme!

Adopt your favorite seasonal trends!

Have a little fun with your donut wall and incorporate your favorite trends whether it’s ombre, lace, watercolor, or metallic!

donut 5

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Donut forget to include clever phrases

Put together a clever phrase with the word “donut” to make your guests chuckle as they glance over at your donut wall. Here are some of our favorite phrases:

— Donut worry, be happy

— Donut, you want one?

— A “hole” lotta love

— Donut leave me hangin’

— Stop…donut time

— Calories donut count today

Spell it or draw it out with donuts

The more creative you are with your donut wall, the more attention it will draw from your guests! Watch your guests rave about it on social media as they use your donut wall as a backdrop for their selfies. Anything can be drawn or spelled out with donuts!

donut 6

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donut 16

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