10 Quinceañera Trends to Look Out for This Year
10 Quinceañera Trends to Look Out for This Year

10 Quinceañera Trends to Look Out for This Year

Out with the old and in with the new! Let’s take a look at the latest party trends that will hopefully get adopted by this year’s Quinceañeras.

We covered everything: from planning essentials, to stylish decorations and even Quince wear and accessories!

If you want to completely stun your guests with a fashionable celebration, here’s just how to make it happen:


1) Ultra Violet Tones

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Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, named ultra violet the color of the year. This means different shades, tones and hues of purple will be extremely popular the next 12 months, especially when it comes to special events such as a Quinceañera.


2) Marble-anything!

A group of marble balls sitting on top of a white surface with body jewelry Pantone A couple of candles sitting on top of a table with wax Pantone
A table number surrounded by confetti and streamers, with Quinceanera party favors in Pantone colors. A marbled place setting on a wooden table, perfect for a Quinceanera celebration

There is just something about marble that instantly elevates your party to a new level of elegance. You can thank “The Kardashians” for having party planners everywhere expand their creativity to create marble-looking decorations pieces to offer their clients. Indoor venues with large marble dance floors will be a big hit as well.


3) Destination Quinceañeras


Imaging celebrating your 15th by the beach!

Instead of throwing a giant celebration close to where you live, the trend this year is to relocate your party and plan a destination Quinceañera. We’re not talking about a cruise or a family trip to Europe but an actual Quinceañera someplace else where you and your guests can adopt the culture and traditions and blend those into the party as well. How about a Summer Russian Quince? We know a few soccer fans who would love that idea!


4)Fancy Capes to Adorn your Dress

lace_cape winter_cape

Capes are IN for brides so we know they are to be adopted by Quinceañeras any day now! A cape could actually work great for you to wear during your Quince mass and perhaps even the waltz.


5) Greenery & Pot Plants  

A flowerpot with a couple of potted plants on a wall, perfect for a Quinceanera celebration. A group of women standing next to each other holding bouquets with a floral design, surrounded by decorations for a Quinceanera celebration.

We’ve previously mentioned how greenery and woodsy-style are among the most popular themes and color palettes for the year. Regular green plants placed on pots could adorn your hall’s entrance and even be used as Quince centerpieces. Although indoor venues are making a comeback you could very well decorate them with plants.


6) VIP Celebrations


Throwing parties for over 100 guests is not a thing this year. Keeping your event exclusive is key now! Quinceañeras are spending around the same amount however they rather spend more per guest than invite more people but have less entertainment services.


7) Textured Fabrics

Quinceanera theme: A gold sequins table cover with a vase of flowers on top of it A close up of a lace tablecloth with flowers on it, perfect for a Quinceanera celebration.
A Quinceanera themed table with three cakes on top of it.  

Even textiles are getting turned up this year! This is something that could be affordable if deciding to go with a VIP celebration. Imagine dressing up your tables in black velvet tablecloths? Or showing up with a not-so-typical Quince dress?!? If somebody dares to say something just say “Excuse me, I’m a trendsetter!”


8) Transparent & White Decor

A Quinceanera function hall decorated in Pantone colors. A long table is set with white flowers and greenery. Quinceanera reception, a Quinceanera reception table set up in a ballroom

White tones evocate a minimalist touch and when combined correctly can turn your celebration into an elite event. Transparent canopies, white royal and chiavari chairs and natural lighting so indoor venues with huge windows are a plus!


9) Classy Pearls for Quince Accessories


It’s like we’re reliving 2015 as pearls are making a comeback and definitely sticking around for a few seasons. Now, don’t limit yourself by only choosing pearl accessories but consider also wearing a Quinceañera dress with a flashy yet classy pearly embroidery.


10) An Exotically Delicious Menu

A Quinceanera dish - a white plate topped with meat and vegetables

Consider this Mediterranean Tuna Titaki Fatoush from Japan by Chef Stamps

Your Quinceañera could be a cultural experience for your guests if offered a non-typical menu, which works wonder with a destination Quince!

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