5 Things You Must Tell Your Court of Honor Right Away
5 Things You Must Tell Your Court of Honor Right Away

5 Things You Must Tell Your Court of Honor Right Away

It’s practically set in stone! You are having a Quinceañera therefore you are now in the process of figuring out who will be part of your court of honor!

After reading plenty of articles and seeing it on social media you know exactly how you will propose to each one of them.

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Slow your roll just yet, Quince girl! Read this prior to popping any questions so no future misunderstandings arise.

Consider going over the next five things when asking your friends and family members to be part of your Quince court:

How special they are for you!

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Prior to popping the question, make sure you tell them how you feel about having them in your life and what an honor it will be to you for them to be part of your court of honor.

Who will pay for what

This is something you should have discussed with your parents prior to reaching out to the prospective members of your court. When consider whether to have damas and/or chambelanes keep in mind the expenses this entails such as dresses, tuxedos (purchased or rentals), bouquets and what not. By the time you ask your friend you should already know whether your parents will cover these expenses or if it will be their responsibility to do so, essential information they will need when asking their parents for permission.

Whether you’re doing a mass, waltz and/or surprise dance

Once the financial situation has been covered you can go over the busy details of your Quince in which your court will participate such as your Quince mass (if you’re having one) and the practice schedule for your waltz and surprise dance. In addition, you should go into the logistics for the day of your Quince, like who’s in charge of transportation? Etc.

What being a member of your court of honor means

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Accepting your proposal means a commitment to always be on time at practices and of course the day of your Quince. Once they say YES you’re counting on them to fully take on their role and support you.

Remind them how much you appreciate them

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This one works before, during and after your Quinceañera meaning:

Before: when you first asked them to be part of your court

During: by letting them know what it means for you to have them ready for practice

After: by having a nice gesture with them to thank them for being there for you.


Are you ready now to pop the question?



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