Quince planning from A to Z
Quince planning from A to Z

Quince planning from A to Z

How about we use Dr. Seuss’s “ABC” to plan a Quinceañera with.. “Big A, little A. What begins with A?” wacky verses?

Simply travel the alphabet from A to Z, and a fun Quince will await, surely you will see.

A sunny day for a Quinceañera, with a list of things to do

A- accessories: The main piece you’ll need is a Quinceañera tiara. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose from a traditional crown or a tiara attached to a comb or pin. This also depends on the hairstyle you’ll wear.

B- budget: Before you start hiring party services or purchasing things you might need, set a realistic budget and work your way to stay within it.

C- church: Your Thanksgiving mass should be the first thing you reserve. After that is checked-off your list, move on to securing your venue.

A Quinceañera bride and a couple of women sitting at a table

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D- decorations: Decide if you’ll want to decorate your venue with flowers, balloons, or props. Also consider what decorations you’ll need to accent the church.

E- expo’s: Attend one of our Quinceanera.com Expo and Fashion Shows. There you can find everything you need for your party and even win cool things like a Quince dress!

Quinceanera fashion show: A woman in a Quinceanera dress walking down a runway

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F- flowers: You’ll need these for your natural bouquet and more than likely for your centerpieces and pews. To save money, base your flower choice on the ones that will be in season for your Quince.

G- guest list: Make a list of the closest people to you, those who you can’t imagine celebrating your Quince without. Keep in mind your school friends, teachers, members of your church, mentors, etc.

H- hoop skirt: You’ll need to get one of these so that the skirt of your Quinceañera dress is nicely formed. If you want to add more volume, layer a petticoat on top.

I- invitations: Order your invitations at least two months before your party and send them to guests one month before your Quince.

J- jewelry: A necklace, earrings, and a few other jewelry pieces will help bring your entire Quince look together. Shop for these before your last dress fitting so that you can try them on with your dress before the actual date.

Quince planning

K- keepsakes: The best types of party favors are those that your guests can actually use or keep for a long time. Customized ear buds, jars of jam, or eatable goodies are a great gift guests will surely enjoy.

L- limo: Your transportation can be anything from your dad’s old classic, to a horse-drawn carriage, or a rented sports car. Start looking now and compare prices to find your best choice.

M- makeup: You’ll need to book a makeup trial at least one month prior to your Quince. When looking for the perfect stylist, also consider the different application techniques and products available.

N- notes: Keep track of all your Quince planning spending in one folder or notebook. This will help you stay within your budget and will serve as a place to hold all of your receipts, photos, etc.

O- online shopping: A great first place to do comparison-shopping before you start purchasing and signing any contracts,  is on the Internet. Try sites like Yelp.com  to read reviews from previous clients and craigslist or ElClasificado.com to look for local vendors in your area.

P- planning app: Check out Quinceanera.com’s latest party planning application available at the App Store and featuring local vendors, inspiration pins and of course a check list to keep track of your whole celebration.

Q- Quinceañera dress: First, choose a dress that represents you. Its color, fabric, cut, and style should be something you feel completely comfortable in and are completely in love with. Make sure its tailored to your body, age appropriate, and that you order it at least six months in advance.

A group of women standing next to each other wearing Quinceañera dresses, surrounded by quinceanera guests

Dresses by: Luis Me Couture.

R- RSVP’s: After sending out your “Save the Date”, have your guests confirm their attendance at least 3 weeks before your party. This will give you enough time to adjust your Quince planning accordingly for that amount of people.

S- social media: Create a personalize hashtag to track your event from the planning stages to the end of your party. Your guests can also join the movement as they help you with decorations, purchase their outfits or rehearse the waltz if they’re part of the Quinceañera court.

T- theme: Choose this as soon as you have your date set. A Quinceañera theme can be based either on color, idea, or both. Once you have it set, you can shop for party supplies that follow your theme.

U- undergarments: For what you wear under your Quinceañera dress. For example, if you’re wearing a corset or tube top dress, you’ll need a strapless bra. Halter dresses can be worn with a strapless bra or one with convertible straps. To find your perfect fit, get measured by a professional at your local department store.

Quince planning

V- venue: This is the second on your Quince planning to-do list after securing your church. When researching, consider banquet halls, hotels, outdoor venues, gold courses, and community spaces.

W- wardrobe: Determine what you want your damas and chambelanes to wear. Their clothing should fit your theme and be ordered at least 4 months before your party. When selecting, consider everyone’s body, personal taste, and comfort.

Quinceanera Court, a group of people standing in front of a building

Via Instagram: @avmphotoboutique

X- ‘xtras: Remember to make a TO DO list for all the extra little things that take part of your party like: who takes the bouquets from the church to the venue, who is in charge of providing your waltz and surprise dance mix to the DJ, a reminder to bring comfy shoes that will match your dress.

Y- your social media friends: Not everyone will have the privilege to attend your Quince. To keep them in the loop, post photos and comments on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram! You might also want to try Periscope for those who are not able to attend your celebration.

Z- zzz: You must, must, must get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your Quince, especially the night before. If you plan your days ahead of time, you’ll be able to take care of your party details without staying up late. So make sure to get plenty rest before and after your party.

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