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Great Theme Ideas for Quinceañeras

December 16, 2013 | [ 450 ]


Quinceañeras should always be creative with their decor.

An exciting but challenging decision for quinceañeras-is selecting their party theme.

Sure, you want to have quinceaneras that are traditional and not too far from what’s customary, but who says you can’t add your own personal touch?

  • Classic and Sophisticated Quinceaneras:

This theme is perfect for you to demonstrate your “grown up” taste and style. For a celebration that’s quiet and elegant, Classic/Sophisticated quinceaneras assure an ambiance similar to a bridal reception or a school prom. The trick with quinceaneras is to remember that “less is more”, and not to overly use lavish decorations.
Time of Year: Any time
Your Dress: White, Black, or any muted color (nothing bright)
Your Court: Any low-key color that doesn’t take the attention away from you (think silver, gold, brown, royal blue…). The damas’ dresses should ideally all be the same color so that, again, none of the attention is distracted from you.
Decoration: Any favors that are neutral in color (white, gold, silver, earth tones), but also have hints of shimmer and glamour will emphasize the importance of having simply elegant quinceaneras.
Food: Any traditional dish such as chicken, fish or steak will do. It’s also a good idea to have trays of delicious hors d’oeuvres floating around throughout the party.
Music: Just like your decorations, you’ll want to keep your playlist simple in order to pull off a “Classic and Sophisticated” theme. Stick with traditional songs popular for quinceañeras, and include of course the traditional Waltz.

  •   Garden Party Quinceaneras :
Garden and spring themes are always great for quinceañeras because springtime can symbolize a period of new beginnings—such as the beginning of your journey into adulthood. The ideal setting for a “Garden Party” quince would be an actual garden.
Time of Year: Ideally a Garden Party will be hosted during the spring or summer months (when it isn’t too hot outside), but it can be hosted any time of the year.
Your Dress: Any pastel color, as well as soft spring colors such as turquoise, fuscia, tangerine, canary yellow and green.
Your Court: For the “Garden Party” theme, it’s not a bad idea if your damas’ dresses are a different color than yours. A nice idea would be to have each dama wear a dress in any of the spring colors mentioned above, and you wear a dress that is white with green embroidery. Chamberlains can wear white, black or brown/tan colored suits.
Decoration: If you are not already celebrating your quince in a garden where Mother Nature takes care of most of the decorating, you can also achieve the garden party effect by adding lush greenery such as assorted flower arrangements or fresh shrubs to the decorations.
Food: For this theme, you can have a menu typical to quinceaneras consisting of your favorite food, or you can also go for typical ‘garden party’ finger foods such as sandwich quarters, chicken tenders, and/or hors d’oeuvres. You can also offer guests English tea to go with their dessert instead of the typical coffee.
Music: The choice is yours.
  • Quinceanera Beach Bash:

Beach-themed quinceaneras allow you and your guests to have the fun and frolic of a day at the beach, no matter what the weather is like outside. The great thing about this theme is that it adapts perfectly to formal and informal events, so you can pick the level of dress up you want your guests to see.
Time of Year: Preferably summer, but any time of the year will do.
Your Dress: A simple dress (i.e.: nothing too puffy or elaborate) that’s white, aqua green, aqua blue, or coral will do if you are opting for an informal and totally beach look. Otherwise, your dress can be as formal and elaborate as you want.
Your Court: As long as your damas’ dresses always less elaborate than yours, their color is up to you. For an informal look the chambelanes can also dress down a bit by wearing a nice suit (any color), or dress up for a formal look by going for the formal tuxedo.
Decorations: If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a friend who’s willing to host your reception at his/her beach side pad, you can still achieve the beach theme at just about any location by getting creative with the decorations. You can decorate the space with fisherman’s nets, beach balls, tiny lighthouses and lifeguard shacks, and anything else you can think of to bring the motif to life. The favors you give can be of any of dozens charming gifts such as candles or photo frames.
Food: It is best to stick with a seafood menu for this. A great idea is to serve shrimp cocktails, or have shrimp hors d’oeuvres floating among your guests.
Music: Once you have set the theme through your decorations, you can pretty much safely choose any style of music you wish… keeping in mind, of course, that tropical music is always reminiscent of the beach.

  • Princess” Quinceaneras:

This is similar to the “Classic and Sophisticated” theme, but it is usually a bit more lavish. “Princess” themed quinceaneras make your quince venue into a fairy tale kingdom with you as the ruler.
Time of Year: Any time
Your Dress: Preferably gold or white, but any soft color will do so long as it is finished off with a nice tiara.
Your Court: Your court’s attire should not take any attention from the quinceañera, but rather complement her dress. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure that the damas wear matching dresses in the same muted color (pale pink, earth tones, pastels). The chamberlains can wear any color suit or tux.
Decorations: Depending on the type of princess you want to be, your decorations can be either soft and feminine, reminiscent of Snow White or Cinderella, or they can be more modern and resemble the kingdom of Princess Mononoke in Lord of the Rings. The decorations are similar to the ones described for the “Classic & Sophisticated” theme, but with even more lavish elegance.
Food: You’ll want your guests to partake in a royal feast fit for kings and queens, so be prepared to offer a hearty assortment of entrees (steaks, chicken, fish, turkey) from which your guests can choose. If you can arrange it with the catering company, have them serve every course in their best gold-plated china (or something that looks just as fancy/regal), and glassware. You and your court can even drink out of special goblets to complete the look.
Music: The choice is yours.

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  1. Someone with problems says:
    I'm thinking of doing a winter wonderland but I don't know what color dress I should have? Plz help!!!
  2. analiz says:
    Hi, my quinceanera is in September 26 and my colors are purple and blue and I don't have a theme. Can you help me?
  3. Irene says:
    my quince is in august , i chose wine red because of the uniqueness and royal touch to it but i cant find a theme to express the color amd the royal touch to it also the invitations , do scroll invitations sound unique ?
  4. Pilar says:
    My quince is coming up and I dont have a theme yet. My dress is lime green, black, and has jewls on it. Its also being held in the summer. Any theme ideas?
  5. Pug Girl says:
    need pictures of dresses and them songs
  6. Isiah says:
    I really like what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of cledver work and coverage! Keep up the great works guys I've added you guy too our blogroll.
  7. Nadia says:
    Hi I'm having my 15 in October, and i need help with the theme. My dress is dark purple on top and like electric purple on bottom? Any ideas
  8. america says:
    well my party is in a few months and I really need your help because I already have my color for my dress that is white and blue but I have no clue in what theme I should pick I really need help please
  9. Jeanette M says:
    hey i need help i dont know what my theme should be i need help im thinking of old Hollywood but that has alot of red and i want my dress color Royal blue -_- help!!!
  10. Tammy says:
    Ok having trouble in my theme and my dress is royal blue and it's going to be on Febuary
  11. connivett patterson says:
    hello my daughter is having her sweet 16. she has two dresses her main gown is red and the other is a high low back dress with a ruffled tail what color would the girls in the court wear?
  12. Dyanne says:
    Hi I need help with a theme my dress is gonna be royal blue..
  13. Dyanne says:
    Hi I need help with a theme for my quince.... My dress though is going to be royal blue...
  14. Hi, I'm having trouble deciding on what theme my fifteen should be, and I can't find anything that I love. Do you have any suggestions? So far I was thinking a music theme since I love band, or maybe an enchanted forest, or under the sea. My dress is an Aqua Blue.
  15. Ivelisse says:
    My sweet sixteen/ Quince is on July 23, and my color scheme is ivory, gold and blush pink. I have my eye on a dress and an idea of a cake. My only problem is figuring out a theme that goes along with the colors. Can someone help me?
  16. Karina says:
    should I do a 50s theme or Cinderella // Ella enchanted or what should I do because want my colors to be coral and Aqua
  17. Karina says:
    my colors are going to be Aqua and coral what should my theme be ??
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Karina, you can choose either or, not both. So stick to a theme such as the ones mentioned on your previous comment, Ella Enchanted, Cinderella, 50's or pick colors. Finding decorations in both the colors of your choice and according to your theme might be difficult...
  18. Claudia Hernandez says:
    Hi my Name is Claudia I'm having a quince in September or late August and I need help with finding a good theme help me!!!!
  19. Daisy Gonzales says:
    My quince is going to be next year in April so I still have plenty of time to think about a theme but Im not sure if I should even have a theme. I'm going to have a white dress for sure &' I wanted my damas to have red dresses &' but I can't think of s theme to fit with the color red. I want my theme to be able to fit into the surprise dance somehow also. Any ideas .?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Daisy, if you're set on wearing a white XV dress and having your damas in red, be very careful as red is too strong can be take the attention away from a white dress. Have them wear short, simple dresses so you are without a doubt the star of the night! Now, when it comes to the theme and the colors of your Quinceanera, you can choose either/or, not both. Finding decorations in the colors of your choice and fitting a particular theme is sometimes too hard and it ends up complicating things. Take a look at this page bit.ly/fb-quince-themes-decoration & at this one: http://bit.ly/fb-quince-offers You will find plenty of ideas for your XV Theme!
  20. Amber Hernandez says:
    I'm having a quiceanera in April. But I don't know what theme will be good for it. Also my colors are green and black.
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Amber, if you already have the colors you're good! You can either pick a theme or colors, not necessarily both. Having both will only complicate things since you will be looking for decorations of your theme and in specific colors. Our advice: stick to your colors, and if you really want a theme choose masquerade or peacock :)
  21. Samantha says:
    Hi I'm having a quinces in mid June and I have a white dress. I want my main color to be pink but I don't want a princess theme. I wanted a Hollywood theme and maybe change the red to pink. what should my decorations be ? and court ?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Samantha! You can have a Hollywood Theme XV and still have pink as your main color, just add a few hints of black and it will look amazing! Check out these pictures:
  22. Nikki says:
    Hi my name is Nikki. My quince is going to be teal and black. How should the theme and decorations be ?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Nikki, as long as you have chosen the colors you don't need a particular theme. Sometimes it is harder to find specific decorations regarding your theme than just decor in your chosen colors. Take a look at this mint green and pink Quince for example: http://www.quinceanera.com/decorations-themes/mint-green-pink-quinceanera/ Our advice will be to stick to your colors and dress your venue, invitations and yourself in teal and black which by the way look exquisite together, excellent choice!
  23. Genesis Penaloza says:
    hey sooo I really love the movie "The Nightmare before Christmas" and I really wanted to incorporate that into my theme. However, I don't want a black or white dress and I don't want it to be gothic because i'm not a gothic person so I was thinking of making it Christmas town from the movie to give it a less gothic feel. any advice?
  24. Danett Landeros says:
    My quince is coming up on August 2015 but idk whether to have it on October cause my cousin is coming back from navy to take his break, so i been thinking about purple and beige or nude color but i have no idea what theme to choose and i need help picking out a theme . thank you :)
  25. Abi says:
    I need help finding a good theme . My red is red with a bit of zebra and it's going to be in August 2015
  26. Natalia says:
    Hi my name is natalia i'll be having my quince on August 2015. My dress is white and i really want to use the color green but i dont know what themei could do. I need help!
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Natalia! You don't have to choose a theme forcefully, a theme (or colors) is mostly to get an idea of what your decoration will be like. Think of another color to go with white, say blue for instance, Then your table cloths and can be white and your napkins and chair bows blue, get me? If you do want a theme, you could go for Vintage (or White & Gold) Hollywood (or White & Red), Glam (White and Silver or Black)...
  27. Chelsie says:
    Hi I'm Chelsie and im having a quinceanera and my dress is Peach and Pink . Do you have an idea on a theme?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      HI Chelsie, when reading your colors these is what we thought of: spring xv, shabby chic xv, tea party xv, flowers xv :)
  28. Lesly says:
    My dress is an aqua blue and i need help with my theme?!
  29. Odeth says:
    My quince is in April and my colors are gold and Marsala, what are good themes I can do?
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Odeth, themes that will flow with those two colors are: Vintage, Hollywood and Masquerade. Now if you're going for those colors there is no need to choose a theme as well, as colors could be the theme of your party! You might have a hard time finding vintage or hollywood decor items specifically in gold and marsala, so maybe the best is just to stick to colors only.
  30. sabine says:
    Hi Im Sabine
  31. Sarah says:
    Hi, my name is Sarah & I'm having trouble picking a dress. My party will be in May of 2015,so I don't have a lot of time. My theme is The Little Mermaid,but the thing is I wanna do something different. Well for my damas I wanted them to have the sisters colors (red,orange,yellow,blue,purple & pink) also I don't know if they should have an esco. And I'm thinking of having a green dress, but I feel that would throw off the theme or people won't get it, and people usually suggest aqua but I feel it would throw people off. Any ideas or suggestions?
  32. Lucy says:
    My Quince is not until June of 2016. I want my dress color to be Wine-Red. I don't know what other colors to use.. any advise? I was thinking on black and silver but idk..
  33. Davila says:
    My daughters Quince is on February 28, 2015 her dress is champaine with lots of bling and she's picked Aqua n fusia as her colors but we are confused as to what colors the dama dresses should be since the tables will have the colors she wants. Very undecided on the theme also that'll best match her color scheme. Please Help!! Time is going so fast. And stress is full throttle at this point. Thank You in advance.
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Davila! Our best bet would be to get rid of the fucshia :'( Both aqua and fuchshia are too bold and as pretty as they look they will end up stealing the attention from her champagne dress. Take a look at these colors, Colors the champagne really flows with the aqua, so perhaps choosing a lighter shade might be your choice. We would not recommend however going for a brighter color dress on the damas, this is her day and they might steal the spotlight...
  34. Brianca says:
    Do you guys have one on an Under the Sea theme? I think i'm settling with that one for mine.
  35. Alexsandra says:
    I need help with my THEME! Any ideas? Party will be in March 7th HELP! Pleasee
  36. Alejandra says:
    My quinces are in May 3 Any ideas such as a theme and color please ??
  37. greciahv says:
    Not at all, your other options for colors will actually pop out even more mixed with black :)
  38. Kally says:
    My quince is on February 15, 2015 and my colors are purple and silver. I didn't know I wanted a theme until a little while ago but now I have no idea what I want the theme to be.I know for sure I don't want a masquerade or Hollywood theme. I need help.
  39. Fatima says:
    Hello my quinceniera is November 29 and my colors are mint green and light peach and I want it as simple as possible and I'm thinking Paris would be a good theme but I still need some advice
    • Andrea says:
      Fatima to keep it simple as possible don't go all out on Decorations remember less is more
    • Jackiline says:
      my quinceniera is November 29 too! i dont know what to do beacuse its only famaliy. (we are going to drive from one state to another) any ideas?? im getting i turquoise dress.
  40. Leslie says:
    My quince is in a year and I beep help with a them but the only thing I have in mind is oldies I juss need help with well everything please help me I'm on my own for this.
  41. Jakkii says:
    hi my name is jakkii and my quinceanera is this upcoming new years eve (my birthday) and I already have my dress (its red and some gold) I really need a theme any one have any ideas for me I would love to hear them
  42. Jakkii Dominguez says:
    Hi im Jackie my quince is this upcoming new years eve (my bday) and I need help on a theme... my dress is like a bright red with Gold.. can anyone help me on ideas PLEASE?!!
  43. Sammy says:
    My colors will include pink and brown and im not sure what my theme should be.
  44. Lexi says:
    My quince is in December and my dress is aqua blue. But I have a problem in choosing a theme. I want it to be creative and something that people will remember about my quince.. Please Help!
  45. Nahyellie says:
    My quince isn't until 2016 but in having trouble on deciding my theme that goes best without colors coral or aqua and I was wondering if you could help me on what theme goes best with those colors
  46. nahyellie vasquez says:
    my quince isn't until 2016 but I am having a had time on choosing a theme that goes best for my color which is aqua or coral and I don't know what theme goes best can you please help me.
  47. Naileen says:
    My dress color is blush but I would like to know what colors go with blush?
  48. Samantha says:
    My quince is in a month i am doing a colorful theme what kind of centerpieces should i do? Any ideas?
  49. Gaby says:
    My daughter wants a royal blue and gold princess theme.. Need ideas for decorations...her dress is royal blue and silver...Will gold be ok for the damas/ chamberlanes and centerpieces..
  50. alicia* says:
    hi diana yu can do like an old hollywood theme and have yur court wear somehing gold,and have movie titles as name as tables if yu have a seating chart.or i think snow white would be cute and have yur damas wear red bows in their hair.and have apples at the center of tables...hope this helped:)
  51. alicia* says:
    hi so my quince is in march and my dress is going to be light pink with chamagne. i want my theme to have diamonds in it or something like that becuz my middle name is diamond.i just dont no if that would work with the colors i want.should i go with a theme?and if so what type??
  52. Sarai says:
    My quince is in 2 years but I want to plan ahead. I was thinking about having a space theme because I love space but I don't know what colors to use please help :(
    • Jackie says:
      How about black with silver or black with a lot of daimonds
    • Lucia says:
      When I think space, I think black as a background or base color. Then blues and silvers and maybe a little gold, but have bling (a lot)It can be the stars. Rhinestones. Don't know if it was helpful but eh.
  53. Jennifer says:
    Hi my quince is this Decemeber and I want my dress to be royal blue but I am having alot of trouble coming up with an idea for the theme but I want it to be fun and describe my personality. At first I was thinking about a stars and moon theme , Paris , vintage, or under the sea but it's also been extremely difficult to chose a theme because my parents don't want to spend more money than what they already have to so can you pleaaase help me out with a theme
  54. Brianna says:
    & its western
    • Angie says:
      Hi, I want my 15 to be a greaser styl or at least something like a 50's style but I want my dress to be teel and I'm not sure it's going to look good any help ????
  55. Brianna says:
    mines in a year and its neon pink and bright orange i need help with the decorations please help!!!
    • Elizabeth de la Torre says:
      Sure, what kind of decorations are you thinking of? Tell me three things you know you want for sure to have at your quince first so we can get an idea of what you are thinking.
    • Vanessa says:
      do you have a pic of your dress?
  56. Diana says:
    My quinceañera is on Oct. 31 my birthday) this year, but I don't know what theme to use, my dress is balck and red, and I was thinking I could do Moulin Rouge for the theme, but I want more ideas going with my dress c: help anyone?
  57. Tanya says:
    I'm having my quince this October but i don't have a theme yet. My dress is going to be royal blue and white, can someone please give me a theme that would work?
    • Gabriela Alvarado says:
      Hi Tanya, You should try a Halloween theme. It is one of the most creative and fun Quince theme. Le us know what do you think!
    • Susana says:
      Hi Tanya. I understand how difficult it is to plan an October quince because I'm in the same position but with the colors you have chosen you can have a sailor theme. Even thoe its not summer it will still be a really good idea. Let me know what you think.
  58. hannia says:
    Well I want zebra and turqouise to but I dont know what theme to do .
  59. sky valles says:
    Hello, my quinceanera will be in my backyard. Ill have music, lights, and inside ill have tables, food and more. However, I NEED help with what photographer to choose. Help? Also, my dress is gonna be blue-green with dark blue at the end.. should the damas have dark blue? And what could be the theme?I only have till July 26 to plan so please help!!
  60. Isabelle leal says:
    I want my colors to be black and orange cause my quince is in October but I want to have a theme and don't know what it should be
  61. Lucy Paredes says:
    I am having my Quinces in January so its during the winter, my dress is purple with some white. I don't know what the theme should be or what color should my damas dresses are going to be please help me.
    • Jackie says:
      If ur dress is mostly purple or white? The color that it's the least on ur dress is the color ur damas Shuld be so u can POP and everyone can notice u better and the theme could be like a winter wonderland
  62. Giselle says:
    My 15 is gonna be in the beginning of next year and my dress is gonna be traditional white but a little blue incorporated into it we'll anyways my colors are light grey and baby blue and I have no clue what my theme should should be :( I was thinking Cinderella but most of my friends are gonna do that so yea help?
  63. alyssa says:
    My birthday is July 28 2014. I want a masquerade party. but i don't know what day to do it because my birthday is on a Monday and i hate Mondays. My color for my dress is Aqua,but i don't know what day i want it and the color dress for my damas! help please!!
  64. Leticia Martinez says:
    those ideasare good
  65. Lila says:
    Hey im having my quince sep 5 2105 but i need to know what dress color would be good for a glow in the dark theme? ((: thanks, lila
  66. zitlaly says:
    My quince is in the summer of 2015 and my mom is already planning it and buying stuff.i dont want the theme that she likes but i dont want want to dissapoint her.I dont even know what theme to choose. Or what colors ....can someone help
    • Grecia Hernandez says:
      Hi Zitlaly, our advice will be to talk to your mom. Go out on a date just the two of you and let her know how you feel, or writer her a letter. Explain her that you feel sort of excluded in the planning of your quinceañera. Tell her that you love her and you would like for this to be a project you can both work on together and enjoy. This is a "meet me halfway" type of event. Let us know how it goes chica :)
    • Juliana says:
      You can do a Hawaiian theme, or you can have the colors gold, yellow, and blue and have sun flowers..
  67. Melanie Juarez says:
    I'm turning 15 July12 &I been having a lot of trouble thinking of how to have my 15. I want it to be a Mexican style but also fancy. Can you please help me.?
  68. jessica says:
    My quince is in the end of April. My dress is going to be white with a very light blue & I don't know my theme yet .-. I wanted it to be fun but very fancy & something new. help???
  69. Danny says:
    I'm having trouble witha theme. I really want my dress but coral but most of the decorations I see look like wedding and so mature. Help!!!! Any ideas will help.
  70. briana says:
    Mine is in February and its theme is classics. Lik classic cars or lowriders and all that
    • Elizabeth de la Torre says:
      Wow that is really interesting!! Would you mind sending us pictures of your quince? Then we will post it on our facebook page giving you a shout out. How do you plan to fulfill this theme?...decor? dress? music?
  71. claudia umanzor says:
    my 15 is in september & I dont know if I should have a princess theme . and I dont know what color of dress to choose, pleasee help me .
  72. Genesis Vasquez says:
    Heyy! My quince is in May 2014 and I want to have a princess theme but i also want a masquerdae theme, i just wouldnt know what color my dress would best bbe?
    • Ashley says:
      You should do a princess masquerade, just combine both themes it would be different. Your dress could be Pink and Purple or Pink and blue.
    • Jasmine says:
      get the maspquerade theme its much cooler and get a dark color of a dress, it goes well.
  73. Jailynn says:
    My quince is in July of 2014, my dress is going to be red for sure but I'm having trouble picking a theme. I don't want the theme to take up too much attention from the party. Any ideas? Thank you :)
  74. Gaby says:
    My quinceañera is October 25 2014 my theam is like Masquerade/candy land what should my colors be for my dress and the Damas dress. I love the color pink
    • Juanita Islas says:
      hey my quinceanera is also going to be on the 25th of october. good luck on preparing everything for youre party and if youre going to be doing candlyland i would recomend bright colors :)
    • Kassy says:
      Then your dress can be Pink(: & Since it's Candy land/Masquerade your Dama dresses could be same style but different colors !☺️
    • jazmin says:
      my party is not till December 2014 but I don't know what type of theme I should have but I like your theme and I think the colors could be lite purple or pink and blue and the damas dresses could be like a mixture of those colors or its up to you your choise
    • jessica says:
      Probably a light pink with blue very candy like. & damas could be a royal blue or you can do the damas dress different colors to match up with the guys tie or something . (:
    • Jasmine says:
      do pink then.
    • sky valles says:
      You should wear a hot-pink dress, and your damas can wear a light- almost white pink. The chambelanes can wear the light pink suits with hot pink ties to match your dress.
    • Juliana says:
      Since your doing both I recommend a light purple? Or dark pink..
  75. Melissa says:
    My Quinceañera is going to be in July of 2014. And i chose my dress colors as fusia and gold, but i need a theme /.\ Someone help me? .-.
    • melina says:
      hey you can hae like a masqurade theme or a cinderalla or a butterfly one they all suit you but
    • Eva says:
      Paris themed :)
    • Kassy says:
      You can make it a Masquerade theme (:
    • Melissa Kyle says:
      My daughter is having hers in June this year and she's decided on a Masquerade theme. You can get really creative with it even on a budget. We're handing out mask at the door and using them as the favor as well. However, make sure you get a wide variety of colors and styles for both men and women. Don't forget you can DIY a lot of your mask and decor especially if you have arties friends or family to help.
    • Lizbeth says:
      Choose something that represents who you are or something you like doing such as a Hawaiian theme for example or if you love butterflies a butterfly theme would be great.
    • Jasmine says:
      what about a princess theme.
    • suzette♡ says:
      Hey guys! Having my 15 on Dec. 20, 2014. My colors are red, gold, and ivory. Chambelanes vests and damas dresses are ivory; the Chamberlain de honor and I are In red. I really want a theme, but my parents dont, so could you guys please help and give me some ideas that I could convince them with? Thanks so much guys!(:
  76. Gina says:
    I'm having my 15 in Summer 2014, my dress colors are gold and white, although i don't have a theme :( Also, my hall is near the ocean so idk.. help?
  77. Abby says:
    My quinceanera is going to be in December of 2014 and I have chosen my colors which are(gold, beige, pastel green and dusty rose/blush). I'm going for a very vintage theme but i also want it a very elegant, great gatsby, 1920's feel to it. But I need someones opinion if those two ideas should combine. Please suggest anything. Believe me it'll help! A thousand thank you's if you act in response!
    • Laura Guerrero says:
      I think it's a great idea. My quince isn't until 2015 but all my cousins have had theirs(23 of my cousins) and they also think it's a great idea. The fact that those colors are just the perfect color to be vintage and elegant.
  78. Merisa says:
    So my birthday is December 22 2014 but I don't know when to have iti feel it's pretty close to Christmas. Kinda want winterwonderland theme but family is saying having it the summer of 2015. Help please?
    • Karina says:
      You should have it at the beggining of december or new years (:
    • Eva says:
      My birthday is in the October of 2014 which ill be turning 15, but Im having mine in the summer in Venezuela :) Its better for lots of people because you have more time to plan easier and so that its better weather in the case if you want to have a photoshoot outside or something :)
  79. Karina says:
    im going to have my quinceanera in march and my dress is going to be tiffany blue and im going to have chambelanes only any theme ideas?
  80. Esthefany Arias says:
    I will be having my 15 in June my color of crees will be fusia (dark punk) and my theme will be candy colors. I will like to get some ideas on how to decorate the salón este my party is going to be?
    • Alyssa says:
      You should have a table dedicated to candy and sweets; cotton candy, m&m's, skittles, and other sweets. You could also look on google images for candy theme center peices
    • Lizbeth says:
      If your theme is going to be like a candy theme you should put candy center pieces which will contain fake candy you can also buy balloons that are the color of your dress with white it would definitely give your salon a nice candy touch.
  81. Figen says:
    Hey guys so my quince/sweet 15 is gonna be sometime around end of august beginning September 2014. My birthday is August 23 and that is a Saturday but im hearing that to have my quince on a Saturday will be more expensive.. So I was thinking like beginning of September so I can also hand out invitations personally. I have no clue what theme to do but I know I want my reception/party part to be on a beach if we can afford it. I want my theme to be unique nothing like Hollywood or Candyland that's too common. Im open to any color of dress except orange. I would love a pink theme but i feel it would be too awkward for guys. I was thinking Under the Sea, New York City, Glow Theme, any new theme ideas or ideas for the ones I already have? My mom is basically making me plan it all on my own because she doesn't like the spending money part lol but it's fun, please help! Thanks girls, good luck!
    • Alyssa says:
      Under the sea is my theme too! And yeah you should definitely go with a beachish theme since youre party's at the beach. Also for youre baile sorpressa you could somehow incorporate beach balls and other props just have with it
  82. Alyssa says:
    Hey guys, so my quince will be in july 2014 and i need some theme ideas but i cant decide! :/ and i still dont have my dress but am looking at sapphire blue, coral, or gold bt my friend already took that color. Bt anywayss, any theme suggestions?? Thankss!
    • Desirea Thomas says:
      What is something you love, your quince is all about you make it something about you .
      • Alyssa says:
        Well, i love dancing ballet folklorico and being active doing sports and stuff bt idk how to incorporate that. Plus my mom would never want a sports them or would let me dance ballet folk. I was looking into an "Under the sea" theme though... Should i?
        • Lizbeth says:
          Well maybe you can try to convince your mom to let you dance ballet folkloric on for a surprise dance and if she does you can make your theme the nutcracker.
  83. Karla says:
    Hello, My name is Karla and im thinking to have my quinces ! well anyways i want my dress to be red or something like that but i want to wear jordans or vans with them i know it kinda sounds a little weird bug im going to change after that to heels well i still dont know what theme should i choose can you guys PLEASE! PLEASE! help me Thank you! (:
  84. Jenny says:
    Hey guys ! So my quinceanera is in march . & my dress is going to be red. the thing is that i have no idea what theme i should choose . help me please !
    • Alyssa says:
      You could do a mardi-gras or a mascreade. (Sorry im a horrible speller) anyways that would match with a red dress. Thats just my opinion.
  85. Maya says:
    Hey so my quince is in 2014 and I live in Los Angeles but I am flying to Mexico for my 15 th anyways having trouble picking my theme an the music to go with it. I think I want a blue dress but I wouldn't mind changing it. The themes I Lille are black and white, moon and stars, or fairy tale but I just can't decide which one. Can anyone help? Oh and also what type of music goes with that.
    • Selina says:
      U should go with a cowgirl theme since its going to be in Mexico
    • carlina says:
      i think you should go with you color choice of dress and i think you should o fairy tale it seems like a really cool theme but i need help with my theme i dont know what to do i already have the color of my dress its baby pink can any one help me
    • Lizbeth says:
      I think you should definitely go with the fairytale theme it sounds really good and plus you can get your dress a nice pastel blue since you want your dress blue.
    • michelle says:
      i think that you should do a baile sorpresa half hip-hop and a little of flokloriko (; i think all your family would really enjoy that (:
    • sky valles says:
      Mine is under the stars themed. My dress is aqua and it fades into a dark blue at the bottom. My party is gonna be outside with lights and everything and I love it becuase its "under the satrs" in mexico, it will be even more beautiful so you should do it like mine. Mines in march, but hey.. if you have any photographers, vould you recommend any? I really need one ~by the way, sorry if it already passed~ but anyways, can you help me on finding a photographer? Please.
  86. Cassandra Avalos says:
    So for my 15 I want the colors to have dark purple and light purple. But I don't have a theme and we don't want to spend so much money on the theme. And my 15 will be in May. Any Suggestions?
    • Juliana says:
      Well you can choose Mardi grass? You can use dark & light purple but add silver. Have it with masks & feathers everywhere. that would look nice in my opinion. (:
    • Karina says:
      if you do a tropical theme blues and yellows would look nice with purple and you could have a lot of flowers and things like that
  87. victoria says:
    hi am having a quinceanera can you help me
    • i just haD MY 15 ON May5,2012 and i really wanted a zebra theme party but i went with the original MARDIGRAS theme and i included masks to my center pieces and the decor itself and i went crazy with buying tons of neckaleces and the decors had tons of neckaleces and people got to have some as well as favors i gave out shot glasses and i think that will be great for you to do so as well
  88. Bianca says:
    Could you give me some ideas for phantom of the opera & princess fairy tale idea
    • Rhi says:
      Have a masquerade if it's phantom of the opera themed; do the colours black, white, red, and gold, and have red roses
    • Lizbeth says:
      Well my cousin had her 15 and she chose a masquerade theme the colors she chose were so beautiful she chose blue and silver for her masquerade and her dress was blue it looked so nice and if you decide to go with the fairytale theme chose your dress a nice light color or a pastel color it would look very nice.If you chose the masquerade theme you should have a center piece with fake flowers and a small or medium size masquerade which won't be like your masquerade but a little bit less detailed.If you go with the fairytale theme you should put as center pieces some nice stairs with you on the top or some flowers will just do it.
  89. daisy says:
    Hello I'm thinking of making my theme winter wonderland since my quince is in December 29 and im not sure what color my dress should be so any suggestions plz
  90. Valerie says:
    hey c: im having my 15 in september 2014. i know i want my color for sure to be coral but idk what i could pair it with. BUTTTTT the thing is that at first i wanted my color to be navy blue and turquoise and my theme to be under the sea but now that i changed my color idk if the theme would still go ? someone please help me with a new theme or if i should keep the same theme ? PLEASE i need help. i would really appreciate it :D
  91. Sabrina says:
    my dress is white and i want to have some type of red for the damas. would that work?
    • Lizbeth says:
      It would defiantly work and the colors would stand out but if you want something that doesn't stand out so much you should try light red for the damas .
    • michelle says:
      that would work. but in my opinion, i think that damas would get kind of most of the attencio thast has to be yours. i think this because since your dress is white and theirs are red, red would cath more attencion then white. but maybe you could do some preal color with an accesory in the dress that would be red.
  92. Claudia Murillo says:
    I'm having my quinceañera in December 2014. The color of my dress has not yet been decided but I'm thinking about getting and ivory, champagne, or peach color to keep the family tradition going. The problem is I really LOVE soccer and I want my theme to be a soccer theme, but I'm not sure in what way I should incorporate soccer into my quince. It would be a lot of help if someone could help me decide a location, a color, and centerpieces or decorations, or any other ways I could make this happen. Thanks C:
    • Litzy says:
      Your surprice dance could be done with some soccer balls (:
    • Lizbeth says:
      Soccer theme... Would go great with you since you love soccer you can get some soccer ball candies which you can use and put them in nice little bags for each guest you can also do a dance video instead of dancing right on the stage but if you don't want to do a dance video you can always dance an energetic song that you like that you can also incorporate soccer bAlls in your dance obviously the balls could be plastic soccer balls or the soccer balls you play with but you would have to make sure not to hit anyone maybe you can do this as a surprise dance but just keep in mind that you have to have fun.
  93. justice marie says:
    My quince is in August.. :) & I need help finding the right song fpr my court.. my theme is a lowrider/chola! Yeaa I know kind weird.. but if y'allcould help I'd appreciate ot.. hit me up #;9402071271 or on faacebook; Justice Marie thanks
  94. Yulydia leon says:
    Hello C: I'm having my 15 in April 2014 I know what colors I want for sure! Coral and gold but my problem is that I can't find a theme to match those colors! :/ some one please hand me ideas?? I will appreciate it! :)
    • Angela says:
      You should do a little mermaid theme. When Ariel transformed into a human her dress was a coral color and she wore a gold tiara. So you can do it like that.
  95. Vicki says:
    Hey!! My 15 is in 2014, and I'm having trouble picking colors and themes. Originally it was going to be Cinderella themed, in a "salon" and my dress was gonna be turquoise. BUTTTT we started looking around and we are now gonna have it near a seaside with boats as my grand entrance and stuff. SO I was thinking to change my theme to under the sea and having a coral dress. but now im having 2nd thoughts and might want it in near the seaside but Cinderella themed.What do you think???!!!??? please help!!
    • Yulydia leon says:
      I think you should still keep your color turquoise it will match your theme and it makes sense since you will have it near water (: , from my opinion C: but it is hard choosing! I'm having my 15 in 2014 too and it's hard to pick stuff out! >.<
    • NATALIE says:
      if u want it princess themed make like ariel from little mermaid instead of cinderella:)
  96. monica villagomez says:
    can you please help the only thing i know is that i want my dress purple no theme or nothing eles can you please help me!
  97. monica villagomez says:
    I want my dress to be the color purle but I don't know what should the theme be or anything really help me please!
  98. Rachel says:
    Rachel says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. June 12, 2013 at 3:58 pm My last comment. My last post said purple only. To be honest i love LOVE purple. But if you think you have a color and theme that is better comment on this one instead. i will hear you and please tell me a theme. As long as it fits my skin tone and fits me. i will definitely consider it and every single one. thanks buh bye!!!!
  99. Rachel says:
    Rachel says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. June 12, 2013 at 3:58 pm My last comment.
  100. amanda says:
    my quince is october 22.and my dress I black and red.what's a good theme?:/ I'm having Spanish music and regular(not rap or hiphop) music.but I need a theme.HELP MEEEE!! thank you (; u ;)
  101. Yanile says:
    hey guys im have my quince in august the 24th and my dress in pink and blue kinda like a cotton candyy , i wanna have a cotton candy theme but im not suree can i have any opinions please ? :/
    • Laura Nolasco says:
      Omg mines is the same day! Lol. I think if you like your theme then go for it! Or since its in the summer, have something bright but not to bright like; red, yellow, light blue, etc. But i like your theme its actually original :)
    • yaritzi jimenez says:
      if you have like a cotten candy dress why dont you have a candy theme? i think it will be a good idea !! buut have fun !
  102. alina says:
    My quince is in August 23 and my dress is turquoise with peacock feathers I didn't know what my theme should be help me !
    • Rachel says:
      Not sure about a theme parse- however, I envision peacock feathers being incorporated into your center pieces. A fan shape brindis with feathers on the background would also be perfect. The damas can wear either yelow or black dresses to go along with the peacock color theme- same for the chambelanes's vests and ties. Feather fans can also be incorporated into your waltz to add to the feel of the evening- decorations should also follow the yellow, black with a hint of turquoise scheme so that you stand out like a peacock- Hope it helps-
    • Jocelyn says:
      it should be masquerade !!
  103. HELPPP says:
    OK I NEED HELP.So my quince is in Setember of 2013 and i need help i have no idea what i should do for my theme and what i should do i all i really know is that my venu is going to be outdoors when it comes to my dress i looked at a few but none of them goes well with my sikn tone i have light skin
    • carolina says:
      Since u r a light skin & its outdoors & in september I think a yellowish tone would be perfect hope I helped & reply back if u need more help
  104. Karina ponce says:
    My 15 colors are minty blue green and coral pink I have no ideas for a theme
  105. carolina says:
    My quince dress is going to be royal blue does skin color matter I'm dark & people r putting me down about my skin color does it really matter?
    • Rachel says:
      Love it- Royal blue is a rich and very sophisticated color- at the end of the day what really matters is that you feel like a beautiful princes in your dress - your joy will shine through and all your friends and family will see that you are happy and enjoying your special day- As for the critics, they will always find something to criticize-
    • Lizbeth says:
      Your skin color doesn't really matter if your light skinned or dark skinned just choose royal blue if you really like that color just be confident in yourself.
  106. Jenny says:
    Hey, So I just turned 14 on March 26.i have been debating with myself over the past 2 years if I should have my 15 or not?? a lot of my friends aren't going to have theirs so I thought it would be cool if I was the only one to have them... I recently decided to have them about a month ago... ... do u think I should start planning my 15 now? also idk If I should have my party in spring or in summer?? (I need help to find a theme) Thank You So Much, Jenny
    • Julia says:
      I'm not having a Quinceanera PARTY, but I'm going on a trip to Florida instead, and there, I can spend money, go on vacation, see old friends, relax, etc. instead of having a big party. Like my mom says, the party is more for other people than you, because you need to serve them food and entertain them, instead of entertaining yourself. :)
  107. Lola says:
    Hi I want a princess theme but my mom wants a valentine theme and i don't know what colors 2 get or what theme i should get guys please help me!
    • ashley says:
      why dont you like mix the themes together? yuhr dress can be pink nd with some silver nd gold desginings on it nd just have valentine decorations tht are similar to yuhr dress im sorry its not much i havent had my quience yet but tht is an idea to mix themes with valentines theme nd a princess theme
    • Lizbeth says:
      Maybe you can have a in love princess theme and your dress colors can be red or pink but if you want two colors a combination of red and pink not dark pink but medium pink would look nice.
  108. carolina says:
    I need help my dress is going to be a royal blue & its in october it has a bunch of rhinestones & I'm doing a quince swing surprise dance I saw on youtube wht theme would be good and how should decorate pliss help ? (:
  109. sarah says:
    I have two daughters and giving them a quince/sweet 16. There theme is nightmare before christmas. Need help in finding decorations. Is it also good to have it in march?
    • carolina says:
      Hang snowflakes & the invitations u hand out should be a pic of them & with the background should be an image of the nightmare before chrstmas (: if u need more help just ask (:
  110. Jenni says:
    Im Having A 15 On August 10,2013 Nd I Picked My Dress Its Capri Also Known AS Blue,Or Turquoise.But I Dont Want A Sailor Or Mermaid Theme.Can You Help Me Pick A Theme??
  111. viviana says:
    My quince is in 10 months, its going to be in december which i really hate because i wanted a garden theme. My says im crazy so i need suggestions on what theme i should do!
    • Liz says:
      im no expert im having my quinceanera in 2014 but you could always try to find a elegant place with flowers for a garden theme but if not you could always do a ice kingdom theme
    • carolina says:
      Have it at a nice reception hall and put a bunch of flowers in the reception hall or throw petals all over the reception hall (: the centerpieces can be like a rose ball tree (: google it ferr more ideas
    • VW says:
      Have it like in a tea party using floral dishes.
  112. Carina says:
    i am a tomboy and i want 2 have a soccer or boxing theme but i don't know what 2 chose or what colors i should get or the decorations i should get guys please HELP ME!
    • Marilyn says:
      If you want a soccer theme go for it there's a website that has many elegant soccer ideas. The colors of course should be white and black. You can wear an elegant shimmering white dress with some black designs in it. You can google "Soccer quinceanera" choose images to get ideas. Good Luck have a great quinceanera.
  113. Marlen T says:
    Hey Well My 15s are in 5 months nd I Need A Theme. My dress Is Pink. Any Ideas?
    • carolina says:
      What about a princess theme...maybe like a sleeping beauty or something? You can do a dancing part with your chamberlan and like in the wall you can put a video of sleeping beauty dancing with her prince (:
  114. Stephanie Duran says:
    im havin a quince in 2014 but i still dnt know what my theme should be about and i want my dress to be blue with purple can you pliz help me
    • Wendy Duran says:
      For the dress check out this dress at Quinceaneamall.com beautiful dress I wanted it for my daughter which she is having her xv in 2014 Quinceanera Dress #26701. In regards to your theme it all depends what month your xv is going be. Hope this helps
  115. Esmeralsa says:
    Ok my daughters quince is in April 2014. Shes having a masquerade n zebra print theme but i dont know how to exactly put it together. Her color is pink with zebra print. Any suggestions
    • itsdatgirlnorma says:
      Maybe u can try having the masks matching her dress colors. The decorations too. The whole party should be filled with her choice of colors even the invitation, just remember that it's still masquerade so add masks as decorations too. My quinceanera is also in April 2014. So good luck c;
  116. valery says:
    i'm planning my quince now and i really want my dress either white or ivory i think white would be would but i want a masquerade theme what colors should i add for the tables and decorations pleaseee help
    • carolina says:
      Depends wht mnth u are having it but try putting like maybe asilerish shimery color if u want it classic yet elligent if not u can put neon color maybe like a neon pink or something neon so u can put some bright colors and it woul be juvenil and nice
  117. LISSETTE says:
    hello everyone my daughters 15 is 2014 so we already began getting ready she wants Neon colors with animal prints (tutus ,corsets ,pearls ,Diamonds ) Any creative IDEAS??? for dress style and decoration ? also SHE WANTS A LOUNGE FOR TEENS INSIDE THE party with white furniture and drapes and lighting any tips ??
    • itsdatgirlnorma says:
      What about the theme Glow In The Dark. U guys can hand out glow sticks and when the music is playing, just turn off the lights and let everyone have fun in their bright neon colors. U can do something with that, maybe she can blend many neon colors to outshine everybody else since she is the quinceanera. So good luck planning c;
    • Marilyn says:
      why not go with an 80's madonna theme. Your daughter can dress like madonna with hair and all maybe you can sew lights into her tutu so she can stand out. Depending on where the party is going to be held, for the launge area you could buy some track lighting, some animal print and off white fabrics to make curtains to section out the lounge (don't forget to bedazzle or bling your curtains by sewing or gluing diamonds and glitter on them) you can also cover rented or salvaged furniture with the withe the animal print fabric or the white leather faux fabric. Be creative think 80's style, Good Luck hope this helps
    • Christina says:
      For decorations look up glow in the dark mason jars
    • carolina says:
      She can do like an oldies theme like hippies the since the colors are neon I saw a video on quiero mis quince and they had it like that it turned out great hopefully I gave you some ideas(:
    • VW says:
      Go to Oreintal Trading or Amazon.com, they have fishnet gloves and gangster hats in neon colors.
  118. Joselyn says:
    My Birthday Is December. I'm Thinking Of Doing A Winter Wonderland Theme. I Don't Know What To Serve For Food Or The Dress Color And The Decorations!! What Should I Do? :/
  119. yarani says:
    Well my quinces are in August of this year. I really want it to be a mascaraed theme. I don't know what color dress to choose nd the colors for the decorations. I am Mexican though and I'm a little dark skin can u please help me?!?!?"
    • LOVE•PRAY•MAKEUP says:
      Anything purple !for your dress royal purple would look great with your olive skin ,LOVE the theme mascarade go wonderful with purple ! So your court can be a lighter shade of purple, choose silver or gold accents depending on what color you like best.For the boys I would choose either silver and black or black with an aqua /turquoise /teal color it would really set off the theme for traditional masq.decorations I'd do lavish glimmer silver /gold with pops of color from your court.if you don't like those colors you can always go simple yet formal with a phantom of the opera masq them colors black white and a touch of red or just stick with black white and silver .Theres lots of great websites that offer masks for balls try the merchant of Venice .Hope this helps
    • carolina says:
      Don't let your skin color stop u from wht color u want the skin color doesn't matter hope I made u feel better(:
  120. Roxana says:
    My quince is coming up and I really don't know what theme to use please help me!!! By the way the dress is gonna be Turquoise and green and my birthday is on June 17
    • LOVE•PRAY•MAKEUP says:
      You can do a mid summer nights dream theme( google it for inspiration) think Shakespeare ,renaissance,fairies,magical , you can choose to incorporate a soft pink in with the greens as well. Lots of glimmer sheerness and sparkles .Make the room look like its lit with soft moonlight <3 hope this helps
  121. Janay says:
    I’m having my party in July but i can’t decide what theme mi main color is blue but I don’t know what theme goes with blue please help me choose between A HOLYWOOD THEME or A MASQUERADE theme IDK PLEASE HELP
  122. jenni says:
    Hi, I'm Jennifer and My quince is in April 25, 2013. And i know that i want my quince to be Aqua Blue and i really want an amazing Theme. Any Ideas? I really need help!!
    • ALANA says:
      maybe a mermaid theme or cinderlla
    • stephanie says:
      maybe a under the se themes and in tne middle of the table could be a jelly fish made out of diomands
    • LOVE•PRAY•MAKEUP says:
      How about a futuristic theme? Think hunger games the Capitol your makeup could be dashing colorful and daring with blue eyelashes and lots of glitz and shimmer your court could still be classic and fancy but add one thing that would suggest future in their formal wear ..like the girls could wear some type of head piece that looks like a future society, the boys could wear some futuristic looking shades or have them manic panic color their hair tips blue,or part of their hair blue,, decorations could be all modern looking and use if possible laser lighting or lots of LED lights,You could have servers dressed up to the tee in future looking outfits .. For drinks you could make traditional punch/sprite be blue with food coloring ...For inspiration I suggest google images or for a more hands on experience go visit your local fabric store like Joanns and look at fabrics you can do a lot with fabrics in terms of decorating .but also color wise it's great for inspirational ideas! Good luck <3
  123. carolina says:
    What are good them for royal blue quinceanera dress?
  124. Maria-Carissa says:
    Hey ladies, as ya'll know my Quince is comin' up. Para mi Quince I am having major issues witht he theme and colors. I am undecided between red and turquoise. The themes that I am thinking are: de vaquero and wild (print). HELP!?
  125. Ashley says:
    hello my quincenera will be in september 2013 and my dress color is pearl pink or either light blue and its puffy (alot)i am tall my height is 5'10" and im skinny i need advice for themes to go with my personality and birth month and season!!! THanks For advice
  126. Mae Perez says:
    my 15 is in september. my dress is white w/hot pink. im having trouble finding a theme . what theme should i use.?
  127. Kimberlyy says:
    Hi.! I Need Help... My Quince Is In 10 Months My Colors Plan To Be Metallic Blue And Purple. But I Cant Decide On A Theme Im Clueless.!!! Please, Help.!!! Thanks.
    • Catti Beltran says:
      well , i say go for a modern-themed one since blue and purple are the colors you want. So go Classic and Sophisticated !
    • Ashley says:
      hey im also having a quince in september and your colors are amazing nice choice your theme should probably be masquerade, Royal night, A night of enchantment or anything that has to do with royalty and good luck in your quinces hope every thing goes well!!!
    • jenni says:
      You could do like a Aladdin theme. Those color would be perfect! with that theme..
  128. Raven O says:
    My quinceanera is in july 2014, and im doing a cuban-beach theme.... and there are no decorations or anything that represent cuba. help me please??
    • jenni says:
      Nada aqui ba aser like cuba. te lo digo porque yo soy de cuba y tanbien quise aser algo asi pero no encontre algo. so, si tu qieres sige usted buscando pero si yo era usted yo cambaria el tema. Algo mas facil para encontrar. Bueno si necesitas algo. comment again y te digo my email para hablar. Bueno que tenga SUERTE Y DUFRUTA TUS QUINCES!!
  129. liz says:
    My daughters quinceañera is in ayear and her theme is candyland please helpme w ideas on decorations
    • gabriella says:
      well if its a candyland theme then it would be nice to have BIG lolipos as a centerpiece wit some liths inside the vase to give it color . my birthday is this year and i personally think thatu should have all differnt kinds of andies and colors but you should also put colors that bring her personality out.
    • Teresa says:
      OMG!!!!! My daughter's 15 is also going to be candyland. I will be making her some candy flower table decorations. Her regalo de sorpresa is going to be "last pinata" instead of "last doll". Hope she doesn't get to embarressed with it :) Have fun planning, I am and it's not til 2014!!!
    • carmen says:
      You should check out all the candy buffett ideas.You can make it elegant filling vases with the treats,and trying using pearlized ballons to match your linens or papergoods. Many great ideas google and pin interest. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN WITH IT.
    • ALANA says:
      candycanes and lots of chocolate
    • Christina says:
      My neice just had one. Way cute R mail me for ideas. Sheekie69@yahoo
  130. Chiara says:
    Hi, my 15 will be august 2013 my dress is aqua or turqiouse, and im having trouble with a theme help. the party is in peru
  131. leslie says:
    So My 15's Is In March 2014. I Was Thinking Of Doing A Basketball theme since im a big LAKERS <3 Fan but my parents say "its dumb". Im Not Really Sure What Kind Of Theme I Should Do ? help ? For My Dress iwant it purple since ilove the color purple but also iwant some yellow in it but once again my parents dont really agree with that. so I Was Thinking Maybe instead of putting the color yellow like icould just have some little Like silver pearls looking like its yellow. im just lost i need better ideas
    • Sandra Ochoa says:
      I think the Lakers theme is a great idea! Remember it is your special day. :) Your theme colors can be purple and gold. Your center pieces can be basketballs and you can put flowers all around the bottom of the basketball then on the top of the basketball you can also add flowers. Or buy small basketballs that fit in a vase (like a wide hurricane vase) and place it inside. Then on top your florist can make a topiary with purple, yellow, and white flowers. *small basketballs would make a great party favor for your guests to take home. You can stencil your name & party date on them. Your invites can be gold/yellow & purple Lakers tickets for pretend of course. I hope this inspires you...think creatively and it will look awesome.
    • carolina says:
      U should o ferr purple & gold
  132. Maria says:
    I'm having a quinceanera this year and we are going with a classy halloween theme. Any ideas for decorating?
    • One Perfect Occasion says:
      I am a Quinceanera Event Planner and for my niece's Quince we had a Haunted Mansion / Haunted Castle theme - it was awesome - some of her friends volunteered and got their scary costumes walked around scaring people. Walls were decorated like old buildings of course (brick looking paper was used to cover the walls) so much you can do with that.
    • carmen says:
  133. iliana zamora says:
    Mine is in 2016 and I'm so confused about dances and dresses and invatations and everthing need advice
  134. Cece Sims says:
    Heyy Everyone(: My Quince is in about a year and 2 months. I have to start planning now if I want a huge bash! >.< But, I will be wearing a light blue dresses while my damas will be wearing a silver one. (The dresses are short) The guy im going to dance with is going to have the same color blue and the rest of the chambelanes are going to wear silver. The "suprise dance" we're doing is going to be cinderella like. Then, later on we're all going to change outfits and do hip hop. But, I need a theme! What them should I use for decorations? Please help!
  135. Noemi says:
    hi my quince is in 8 months and my colors are pink and silver, but i dont know what the theme should be! its in the summer but i dont want bech theme or masquerade and i also dont know what i should give out for food please help!!!!!!
    • gabriella says:
      well.. my birthday is also in the summer but for food i think that you should have a buffet... it will give people some options on what to eat and for your theme... maybe a princess theme . since its in the summer... it'll be hot and sunny so maybe you could make an entrance like in a carriage. dance a cinderella type of waltz. something magical it will be yyour night and your night to remember. i wish you the best
    • VW says:
      You could do a french theme.
  136. Lisseth says:
    So my quince is coming up next year in May and my dress is going to be blue. What are some original themes that go with this color?
  137. Leslie says:
    My Quince is coming up next year and I want an idea for a theme that is very epic but elegant. If you have an idea please reply.
  138. CONNIE says:
    ok my daugther's quinceañera is November 2014.. what theme would go with her month and traditional..?
    • maria says:
      hi umm my 15 is also in that month and year and i think personally think like a magical theme or something around the line or something to match the nov birthstone just an idea
  139. Agnes says:
    ok so my party is just a year away and i have no idea what the theme might be but i want to stay traditional ant ideas ?
    • carolina says:
      If u wanna stay traditional go ferr a light pink dress nd if u plan in having damas theyh should wear white if u want something traditional yet modern u should wear fushia nd damas light pink (:
  140. Mariah says:
    Hi. My name is Mariah and I am having my quinceanera in September of 2013. The color of my dress will be coral pink and my damas will be wearing purple. I need so much help on finding a theme for my quince. PLEASE HELP!!!!
    • jennifer says:
      hey, i'm having mine in september too!! omg! i have the same problem but you sound like you like pink so try somethiing girly like princess. you could be the princess and wear a tiara!
    • Katie Squire says:
      with those colors, I would go with an under the sea theme . if you want to incorporate the princess theme, you could do a little mermaid theme .
    • gabriella says:
      i also agree with that idea of a princess theme . u could also make it more princessy and ride in an elegant carriage and have like nice floral arrangements and nice rosy candals for a centerpiece.
  141. Thalia Resto -Isaac says:
    OK so my quince theme is Renaissance i find the theme fascinating but to invitations the vals and the dress i cant find ways to fit the theme my cousin said she'll try and help but im not sure help
    • Leslie says:
      In the Renaissance people always wore dark colors, so you should have a dark brown dress.
    • carolina says:
      Since its going to be renaissance theme it should be a dark color so think bout dark colors maybe a royal blue or dark red would be good if u need more help just ask I can help if anyone is confused bout themes just ask me (:
  142. Ok so my 15 is in two years in july and my dress is going to be silver and emerald green but I don't know which theme to choose or th suites for the chambelanes please help :(
    • Frida says:
      the suit should be silver and the ties should be green, that or the shirt green suit gray and dark green bowtie. Just saying, not that its the right or wrong choice. you could go with the normal thing and put black suits with shades of green somewhere.
    • Agnes says:
      might want to try a goldish color if your going with thoese colors
    • Delma says:
      you're better off with the chambelanes wearing black suit and silver shirt with tie in emerald green, don't make them wear green shirt please!.
    • Natalie says:
      The theme should be like the little mermaid theme
  143. Elena says:
    My quince is in 2 years and im in a big mess with everything. I NEED IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  144. Marissa Perez says:
    So Im very indecisive on a theme..im a very plain not all out there pink loving girl. Im in between leopard and maybe cream because I love leopard print. Or perhaps navy blue and silver or yeah see im just not sure. I need a loot of help!! My party will be next year on the end of May and beginning of Jun. So I still dont have a date but I feel if I cant decide then I dont think I want a party. Any one have ideas ???/;
    • Delma says:
      Wearing leopard? that's not being plain, that's being wild girl. I think a combination of silver and blue will go perfect with you, is not plain but elegant.
  145. Angela says:
    Hi My Name Is Angela and I'm Having my quince in 2 years but time flies by fast right?. Anyways, I've been thinking of having like a club ttheme (with a lot of dancing and music because I love music) that matches my personality, Fun,Nice ,crazy and wild! I love to have fun but I've been having trouble with my colors! My favorite color is purple so I wanted to do purple but I'm getting second thoughts and I kinda wanna do Hot Pink, I'm literally confused on how it'll all work out PLEASE HELP!!
    • claritza says:
      I feel the same way. my favorite color is purple sky blue. But i dont want my quince with only those two colors i think it will look boring. HELP!! My personality is crazy and free and i dont care what people think if me im myself dont want a fairytale quince or a hollywood theme i need my personality party but confused with colors and decorations !! HELP !!
    • amanda says:
      just do what you want
    • Meli says:
      My quince is also in 2years i would go with purple because everybody has hot pink
      • Frida says:
        You guys should go with neon colors, really bright ones. the damas should be a darker color if you goung with bright (nothing that takes everyones eyes off of you)
    • Delma says:
      Since you are in the " fun, crazy and wild" mood, I will recommend you go for Purple and zebra combination, or you can make it fuchsia and zebra as well, go to the store and try one on. good luck
    • veronica says:
      I think you should do a 90s theme cuz the nineties was about partying and it had alot of dramatic colors lyk hot pink and neon colors:)
    • stephanie says:
      proably you should have like a 80's theme cause it matched with partying and like the disco like the people that will golike back then in the 80's
    • carolina says:
      Since you like dancing you sem like a person who is daring sofer ur surprise dance try something diffrent u should do the song pasarela by daddy yankee and do modeling with some unique daning moves in it (:
  146. amanda says:
    my quinceanera is coming up in october. I already have my dress, which isn't the traditional big poofy dress. It's a hi-lo cut, sweetheart neckline & the color is mint. I want to have an autumn theme but I don't know what I should do in terms of invitations,place cards, and a bunch of other stuff. Please help :(
    • Frida says:
      ever think of leaf-like cards? you could also have it at a garden or something, think autumn. its going to be pretty cold, and there will be colorful leaves everywhere.
  147. Jocelyn says:
    Hey guys, well i'm having some trouble picking a theme for my 15's. My mom and dad have been bugging me to have a 15 I told them about 3 times already I didnt want anything, but some how they finally convinced me! I will be having them January 2013. They want to start planning now, I need help choosing my theme though, help pleasee ?
  148. Nicole says:
    I have no idea what my theme should be cuz me and my cousin our having our quince together and she has her heart and mind set on her having a green dress. So I don't know what color or theme goes good with the color green plz help
  149. Daisy says:
    Question: My sister wants an Arabian nights theme Quince. We are thinking of having the decor, and a henna tattoo artist to match the theme. However do you guys think the food and Music has to match the theme? The food wouldnt be a big deal to get. ITs just the music I feel is a little harder.
  150. Karina Benitez says:
    ok so my mom and dad really want me to have my fifteen they even asked my family to convince me but the thing is the im not a girly); and i told them id have them but i dont know what i want my theme because im so indecisive. my dad comes from an hacienda full with trees but i live more in the city(: and i really liked the garden theme because my dad works with plants and i also like the grease theme but i have no idea what to do! someone help me please(:
  151. Angie says:
    Heey guys i need help on my quinces planning and i wanted to know if it looked good a autum (fall) theme because my birthday is in november please help
    • Samantha says:
      Since its in November, I think a nice Moroccan Theme would go great. Also a Aladin Theme. The colors would be golds, Turquoise (dark blues), maroons, and dark purples. its totally fall type. I'm planning as well and mine is in January
  152. samantha marquez says:
    Well, My BirthDay Is Coming Up In October 16, of 2013...Its Sounds Like Forever But, Time Goes By Really Fast!!>..< I Need Advice Or Suggestions ...PLEAZEEEE...I Would Really Appriciate It:)
    • Denya says:
      well my quinces is july 15,2013... my theme is carnival masquerade... because it shows my personality... i am some times wild,crazy, and fun like a carival celebration...but i have lots of other hidden personalities like a masquerade; you never know who the person is... so chose a theme that explains the real you
    • amanda says:
      well you should have at least your dress already black but a good theme would actually be a grease its in days good luck or just listen to other people
  153. mimi says:
    my quinceanera is going to be next year in june and i liked the garden theme but i want to keep my quinceanera unexpensive is there any ideas on how to have a beautiful quinceanera without spending lots of money?????? also i need some ideas on what kind of dress i should get that would match the theme so if anyone can help me that would be great!!!!!! (:
    • Lola says:
      Do the garden theme and buy vases at dollar tree and fake flowers for one dollar I'm doing mine in my back yard and with cheap stuff the most expensive thing will be renting tables and chairs .dollar ttree will be your best friend ad the singing poster get a foam board at any office supply store they are only like3.99 and have your mom take a picture of you on a white wall with natural lighting this will make it look professional dress up to the theme of your party in this case a garden theme , the best outfit would be a pastel color dress and you holding flowers ok and print that out paste it to the board decorate it with small acryllics flowers aka. Only 1dollar and when people enter your party have them sign it. Hope this helped
  154. Hey. my quince is coming up & i need help on a theme. my colors are going to be turquoise,silver,& white?? Any ideas??
  155. Leslie says:
    My quinceañera is coming up in like 2 years and i like the theme of rock n' roll but i'm not sure if my parents will like it cause i come from a very traditional family , and they want me to do my quince's with all they light pink and stuff like girly . But i'm not girly what should i do ?
    • quincefashanista says:
      leslie sweetie if you want a rock n' rool theme then do it cuz its ur 15 and not ur family but to make everyone happy u shold have a pink dress but it can be with black or other color it will still be traditional. and if they dont like the idea will thell them to back off cuz its ur party and its whant you want not what they want. love quincefashanista
    • genesis says:
      tell them that and y dont u ask them to have it a hotpink instead of just plain pink idk its my opinion have a great summer :)
    • well its your quince you should chosse what u want
  156. jennii contreras says:
    hi I'm jennii and im planning my quince and my dress is blue and light purple idk wat them i should have btw my quince is in october 6th :)
    • britany says:
      hey thats crazy mine is october 5th this yr n i have no idea what to do for mine but urs seems like u can do a cinderella type but if ur not into that princess type u can do like a ocean type like have shells on the tables stuff like that hope i helped n have a nice quince
    • Autumn Herrera says:
      Hey, that's sooooo coool, my quince is october 6, too, i was born on the 3rd though. :)
  157. Casandra says:
    Hi! Well right now im tryin to decide if I want a quinceanera or not. I mean it wuld be nice if I had one but it seems like so much work and alot of stress to deal with. I've come up with a couple of ideas if I do have one. 1) I wuld like it to be orange and cheetah and do like safari themed. 2) I wuld like it to be red.and black and do like a 1920's ganster theme. So please help me decide...
    • britany says:
      i actually like the ganster theme it sounds cute hope i helped
    • quincefashanista says:
      casandra having a 15 is the best thing any girl could have its like a dream come true to lots of girls. i have some ideas that you will love girl if you do ur 15 in october wich is close to halloween u could do a costume party or zubie party. or if you do a cinderella is nice to. or snow withe wich ever you like im happy i could help.
  158. Elizabeth Benitez says:
    HEy , so my quince is like 10 months away n im just having lots of trouble figureing out how to start my parents really arent helping because there always working.My mom only said my dress has to be pink(i dont even like pink ). I dont know what theme to pick so im lost i just dont want pink to be my color also i want somethin else that makes it pop a lil but not to make it look like a cotton candy(blue n pink) im lost:(. Plus i dont know what to do with my damas and chambalanes what are they going to wear?!!!!!
    • quincefashanista says:
      will eliz you shold do a musical and ur dress can be a red with black or pink with red or blue with green theres lost of colors to pick. and for ur court girls: something that wont make them pop out cuz the attention is all you guys: cadetes will look nice with the color od ur dress. im sorry i cannt help as much as i want but i dont know whats ur likes.
  159. Kimberly says:
    Hey my fifteens is coming in four months, i really need a theme but it seems impossible since my reception is at my church..any good ideas that is church appropriate?
  160. Jessica Vale says:
    Hi , im haveing a quinces and its going to be in august and i have the dress color and everything except the theme. My dress color is going to be light blue with silver or white and i dont know what my damas should wear and my chambelan. I was think of maybe cinderella theme but i dont know plzzx help me !¡!¡
    • quincefashanista says:
      im here to help girl will you could do a fall mask ball and ur chambelanes shold wear cadete suit and damas shold wear silver dress with diffrent mask.
  161. Yazmin Rodriguez says:
    My Quince Dress Is White W/ Hot Pink And My Damas Dresses Are Hot Pink W/ A White Sash. Would It Look Weird If My Chambelanes Had Black Pants B/c I Want My Chambelan De Honor To Have White Pants. Comment What You Think Please.. (:
  162. Aryanna says:
    Hi, I'm having troubles trying to choose my quince theme. I want something fun, and that i will remember. I also want it to reflect on my personality, and i have no idea what color dress i should wear, or what my damas should wear...PLEASE HELP ME MY QUINCE IS 5 MONTHS AWAY!!!
  163. ireen del says:
    my quince is in december n i have no clue on wat to do for a theme or the music to play or the colors help plzz!!!!
  164. ireen del says:
    good ideas i need more help tho:(
    • Yazmin Rodriguez says:
      I Don't Think You Should Do A Winter Wonderland Theme Since Your Quince Is In December It Is Too Common And If You're Like Me (I Am Nowhere Close To Normal And I Don't Like Fitting In With The Crowd) Do Something Totally Opposite From The Season That You Are Having Your Quince In And For The Music Have Something With A Fun Beat But Switch It Up So The Crowd Doesn't Get Bored Like You Can Play Bachata But Don't Play Too Much B/c The Steps Just Repeat Play Things Like Tribal, some Bachata, Techno, And Songs That Are Upbeat, Cool, And Fun To Dance Too W/ Songs Like That You Are Going To Have A Real Fun Party On Your Hands And Good Luck On Your Dances Hope You Have Fun At Your Quince!!! (:
  165. Rain says:
    Hi me and my sister are having a quincenera/sweet sixteen and were trying to figure out a theme. Our colors are purple and turquoise. We keep butting heads on themes since were not all that alike. I wanted masquerade but she wanted zebra, I decided hearts and she chose crowns. Any ideas?
    • judy says:
      ok so you say you want masquerade but your sister wants zebra well why dont you try getting decoorations of both like maybe zebra dresses and also wearing masks i honestly think it would look totaly epic anyways main thing is try to combine everything in a nice way
  166. Bridget R(: says:
    Hi ok,so like my Quince is coming up an its really really really soon and my Theme is "A Night At tthe Oscars" but dont know what color my dress should be or my Damas dress should be, an I NEED HELP ASAP,could some one please help?!?!? P.S. My Quince is August 25,2012
    • Mitzo Jay says:
      Well i think that maybe a red colored dress would be nice. Or a very femaleish color. But it could be bold too!
    • Elda says:
      Hi my name is Elda and my quince is in a few months. My theme is tropical/Hawaiian and i need help with the centerpieces.
  167. Angie says:
    My dress is blu and green, but I am looking for a theme, not under the sea though. Any suggestions, I need help!!!
  168. Alexandra Ibarra says:
    My 15 is coming up and its going to be during Spring time in Mexico(less money) ANY SUGGESTIONS? for themes PLEASE I will really apreciate the help thanks :)
  169. Bridget says:
    Well my 15 is a year in a half a way so my theme is going to be Paris,France theme yall should have that as one of those but my dress is going to be red so it would look nice but there's awhole lot of deasigns to chose from but i mean besides the girls 15 she will look beautiful either way right!! well i am only 13 going on 14 this year next year i will have my 15 the day after my actully birthday so it would be July 26,2013
  170. Anahi Herazo says:
    my quinceanera is comming up and i really dont know what theme i should pick or the color of my court, or the center pieces for the tables. i want it sort of like a paris/ moulin rouge theme. but my dress is torqouise so i really dont know it that theme should be great. what can the color of my damas dresses should be?how about the center pieces be? Please help!
  171. Valerie Mendez says:
    My quinceañera is coming up and I don't know what them I should pick. I was thinking about a vintage/rock and roll them, but I don't know how to do it. I don't know which kind of food I need serve nor what kind of dress or what colors. I need help!
    • galvarado says:
      Hi Valerie! Well, you’ve chosen your theme party already, go back in time and celebrate with Elvis Presley your Rock n’ Roll Party! If you are starting from scratch think about your invitations, they have to be fun and colorful. Also, ask your guests to dress in a typical 50s outfit (Blue skinny Jeans, leather jackets,etc). For yourself, you can complement your dress with colorful accessories and a blonde 50s wig. Pick your music! Here are the top 10 singers of that time: Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Bill Haley & His Comets, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly & the Crickets. A great thing about picking that theme is that you have plenty of things to choose for your decorations. Elvis Presley signs, make "Guys" and "Dolls" signs to put on your bathroom doors or hang rock n’ roll dangles. Don’t forget to use color lights in the dance floor. For drinks, use all the 50s most popular beverages ex: fruit punch or fruit smoothies. This article will help you with more great ideas Quince Rockabilly at a Glance I hope these help organizing your party Valerie, enjoy!

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